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MERT PERK   have mastered the art of economizing diction. SUPERB. while his verses are turgid with grandiose reason. Every line is a blowing gun, smashing down walls of falsehoods, mass consumerism and torn lampposts hypocrisy. The granite hard truth glued in the bone and marrow of his poetry smacks the hypocritical humanity, in his quest to retain sanity and true consciousness on this our wretched earth crumbled by oppression, killings, racism and stigma.  In another poem Perk plead with humanity to imitate God, here the Poet holds his sickle to remind the world of the vitality of dignity and integrity. After reading Perk, it dawned that surely the world has lost morality, morality is blown away by greediness, cheap conspiracy, violence and wantonly decadence. TIME OF THE POET compliment this insightful poetry by featuring the poet and his poesy in our publication. We always cherish to archive beauty, intellect, diverse ideas, promise and prowess. Poet MERT PERK is destined to the Poetry Promise land. Keep Writing, Aluta Continua- (Blurb by Mbizo CHIRASHA)






At the dawn of a revolution

We’re crowded but useless


We’re even sustainable

But exhausted already our souls

And poor our natural resources


We’re modern

But in chain,

We’re the wise and the stupid


We’re not artificial

But at least emotional

Cos biological our receptors


At the dawn of a revolution

A take-over ceremony


Here is the revolution

O’ Humankind!

Here is the evolution


MATHS 4532000000000000



Who says we’re born free

I deny to be

Things you see

Thousandth of the sea


Some buy the news

Me! I bite the dreams

Who cares, really?

About that silly harmony


You praise the bold

I praise the love

We imitate the God

Seeking the peace








Poet   MERT ORHAN PERK    born in 1984,born & raised in Izmir, Turkey,a dual citizen of Luxembourg and Turkey,speaks Turkish, English and French,studied Political Science and InternationalRelations,works on international development projects,a Global Citizen who believes in the power ofeducation to transform the world,2019 Global Peace Index Ambassador,curious about history,a daydreamer & an idealist seeking peace,andwrites poetry for relief.



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MBIZO CHIRASHA is a UNESCO -RILA Affiliate Artist( FREEDOM SPEECH Fellow at PEN- Zentrum Deutschland. Poet in Residence at the Fictional Café (International publishing and literary digital space). 2019 Sotambe Festival Live Literature Hub and Poetry Café Curator. 2019 African Fellow for the International Human Rights Art Festival( ) , Essays Contributor to Monk Art and Soul Magazine in United Kingdom .Arts Features Writer at the International Cultural Weekly .Featured Writer Poet Activist at The Poet A Day( Core Team Member and African Contributor to Bezine of Arts and Humanities( in USA. Flash/Short Fiction Writer for Squawk Back Publication.

TIME OF POET REPUBLIC– An Internet based Poetry Center, Archiving Theme based Digital Poetry Anthologies and Profiling Iconic Poets and

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