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The WOMAWORDS   and BRAVE VOICES June Edition are marked with success, diversity and the exclusivity.  The Guest Editors that included G Jamie Dedes, the WOMAWORDS Poet Laureate and Francis Otole, the Brave Voices Associate in Nigeria did a sterling job, the submissions turnover was superb and the selections were excellent. Salutations to the pen-slingers, wordsmith and great poets who took their time to submit to these great editions in June 2020. Your contributions are marked in the book of poetic life. We thank you profoundly. We take   opportunity to introduce new in coming GUEST EDITORS of both BRAVE VOICES AND WOMAWORDS Journals.


Botswana Poet and Gender Rights Activist Gorata Ntshwabi is the August Edition Guest Editor of the Brave Voices Poetry Journal.GORATA MIGHTY NTSHWABI is a result – oriented and self-driven, Artist Poet and Activist. A registered Poetess herein as Poko Boswa Poetry my Heritage specializing in both traditional Spoken Word and Page poetry. She has since authored an English poetry book “Exploring the Roots Poetry my Heritage, Living Arts and self-published in 2016 and the collection is transcribed into brail for the visually impaired.Gorata holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Sciences with majors in Sociology and Psychology from Central University of Technology Free State in South Africa and a Post Graduate Diploma in Education in African Languages and Literature from the University of Botswana. Her Writing and Poetry Arts career was realized since years of her childhood .She participated in Schools Arts Activities.Gorata is a member of Maruping Poetry Organization, had an opportunity to mentor young upcoming artists Tlhale jwa Phala Entertainment Group, potential youth leaders for the African Women Leadership Academy and young Karatekas for Botswana Defense Force Thebephatshwa Air Base Karate Club and some individual youth poets.Gorata’s poem ‘’My Environment my Pride’’ was selected among the best poems published in an anthology entitled ‘’Tranquil Peace/Muse’’ for the 2018 11th Guntur International Poetry Festival in India and her Poem Dear South Africa was also selected for top 10 during the Brave Voices Poetry Journal 67 in 2019.





My resilience -hardened mindset cannot be easily shaken, made me to believe that freedom of expression is the fundamental basic ingredient of democracy. I stand for equality and equity through my writings and activism work. The world needs brave artists who can stand together to speak freedom and overcome any hardships. we are not going to wallow or dwell on failures instead we must acknowledge situations and fight for change through action.

I urge all artists that the power of your voice is massive ,then allow it to cleanse any murky acts that are meant to bribe those that are desperate and vulnerable .As a poet I take it that poetry is an open boundary to express our feelings with much more freedom and a formula to connect the mind, spiritual being, the inner self, the physical being and the outside world – ( by Gorata Ntshwabi Brave  Voices  August Edition  Guest   Editor and  Brave Voices Botswana  Associate).



Send through   a  poem  , 5 line bio  and a photo in the body mail , you copy  to and .

The theme  of the August  Edition  is the AFTERMATH- Pick up  life pieces  after storm ,remain composed  and face the aftermath of the storm with courage  and diligence . The August Edition  is  a journal of re-awakening ,rebound back into  normality.The Deadline  is the 15th  of August  2020 and  it  is addressed  to the Guest Editor and the Subject line  is  Brave Voices August Edition. The Guest Editor will select  10poems and write the editorial commentary  of the   August journal.




LIBERATING VOICES Associate Editor, WOMAWORDS Kenya RePresentative and African Poetic Tigress  Nancy Ndeke isthe  WOMAWORDS  August  Edition  Guest  Editor.NANCY NDEKE  , Poet of international acclaim and a reputable literary arts consultant.Her Writings and Profiles  featured in several Collections, Anthologies and Publications  including the American magazine Wild Fire, Save Africa Anthology. World Federation of Poets in Mexico. Ndeke is a Resident Contributor of the Brave Voices Poetry Journal since Mid-2018. African Contributor to the DIFFERENT TRUTHS- A publication that sensitizes the world on the plight of Autism edited by Aridham Roy.  Ndeke’s Poetry and other Literatures in WILD FIRE PUBLICATION in America published by Susan Joyner Stumpf and Susan Brooke Langdon. ARCS MAGAZINE in New York Edited by DR. Anwer Ghani. Her Women  in Arts Presentation was recently published by WOMEN OF ART (WOA) in Cape Coast in Ghana and  in the  Soy Poesia in Peru. Claudette V pg 11 featured her writings with great reception.AZAHAR from Mexico, with the initiative from Josep Juarez has also featured her poetry. She is also featured in WORLD FESTIVAL OF POTRY (WFP) from Mexico under the able editorial team comprising Luz Maria Lopez .INTERNATIONAL AFRICAN WRITERS from Nigeria, under the able hands of Munyal Markus Manunyi .Patricia Amundsen from Australia featured her poetry on this year’s international women’s day at Messenger of Love, Radio Station. Esteemed poetess Jolly Bhattacharjee featured my works on her greatly acclaimed awareness anthology for 2019, India. She has done  successful collaborations of poetry with Renee Drummond-Brown of USA and another with Dr. Gameli Torzlo of Glassgow University, titled “Mazungumzo ya Shairi “is her latest works, published in 2020 and registered with the Library of Congress, USA.



nancy ndeke 45

Women are humans; the partner to the fellow human. They are the carriers of life and its nurturers. So when they write, their words borrow from the two genders for they embrace the two as the carriers of both.To write is to share, to speak, to create. Whether the writing seeks to inform or affirm, castigate or congratulate, persuade or amuse, the underlying core is writing is a course in interaction that seeks to bond and compare backgrounds and understanding of our world. Of major key is that when women write, they are able to highlight some of the cultural and historical injustices and biases that has held the gender down for centuries. The woman writer then becomes not only the sister’s keeper but a hand bridging the other gender for a more amicable coexistence- ( By WOMAWORDS  ASSOCIATE IN KENYA and August Edition Guest Editor-Nancy Ndeke)


WOMAWORDS August Submissions   are, submit to the Guest Editor a poem on WOMEN, LIFE AND LIGHT – reflect to the torch of life women carry in growing communities and cultivating LIVES from tenderness to maturation. And how WOMEN stand the heat, the cold and the roughness of life in their lifetime, the essence of WOMANHOOD and MOTHERHOOD. Send a poem , 5 line  profile and a  photo in the body of mail to  and copy  to Address your submission to the guest Editor and the Subject line is referred as   Poetry and the Essence of Motherhood. The DEADLINE of  the August Edition  is  the 20th of August  and  this  is a WOMEN only  JOURNAL. The Guest Editor will select  10poems and write the editorial commentary  of the   August journal.






Mbizo CHIRASHA UNESCO-RILA  Affiliate Artist .Freedom of Speech Fellow to PEN- Zentrum  Deutschland,Germany. Alumni  of the International Human Rights  Arts Festival in New-York, USA.Literary Arts Activism Diplomatie.  Globally Certified  Arts Mediums Curator and Influencer. Internationally Published Page and Spoken Word Poet. Writer in Residence.  Arts for Human Rights Catalyst.  Core Team Member of the Bezine Arts and Humanities Project. His illustrious poetry , hybrid writings , political commentary ,short fiction , book reviews  and Arts Features are published in more  than 400 spaces notably the Monk  Arts and Soul in  Magazine  in United Kingdom. Atunis in Belgium. Demer press poetry series in Netherlands. World Poetry Almanac in Mongolia.Poesia journal inSlovenia. Bezine Arts and Humanities Webzine in USA. The Poet a Day in Brooklyn ,USA. Litnet Writers Journal in South Africa. African Crayons in Nigeria. Poetry Bulawayo in Zimbabwe. Pulp-pit USA.the FictionalCafe international Journal , Texas USA. Best New African Poetry series in Zimbabwe, Zimbolicious Poetry Collections in Zimbabwe. Co-edited Street Voices International Publications with Andreas Weiland  in Germany.Co-Edited  Silent Voices Anthology, a Tribute to Chinua Achebe. Co-Edited the Corpses of Unity,solidarity collection to victimzed Cameroonians with Nsah Mala. Curated and Edited the Zimbabwe We Want Poetry ,Inside Digraceland speaking poetic truth to the Mugabe regime and other bad regimes.  He owns the Time of  the Poet blog zine ,MIOMBOPUBLISHING that published the #GlobalCallforPeaceProject titled the Second of EARTH is Peace.A LETTER to the PRESIDENT his experimental  resistance poetry colection was released  in August 2019 by Mwanaka and Media Publishing.. Co- Authored Whispering Woes of Ganges and Zambezi with Sweta Vikram in India. Good Morning President his first poetry collection was published in 2011  by Zimbabwean published based in United Kingdom, Diaspora Publishers.COVID 19 Satansdeadly fart is forthcoming. Chirasha is  Founder  and the Chief Editor of Brave Voices Poetry Journal, and    WOMAWORDS LITERARY PRESS,

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