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Niels Hav, your poems are rust less steel syringe needles sparking with   insulin of wisdom to heal us from the fervent -fever of ignorance and from promise – demising   dysentery of savagery. Your verses are candle lights to dim out darkness from the earth incessantly haunted by demons of hypocrisy, world spoiled by devils of retrogression, earth picked and pocketed by dare-dictators killing hope on the altar of discord. You are a wordsmith gifted with four mental eyes. Your vivid imagery is a well-trimmed mirror on which we see visualize, touch, see, enjoy and read half-naked shadows of life with their tired heads draped in rainbow -laced black and white bandanas of irony and fat limped   truth dressed in gowns of satire.  Legendary Poet Niels Nav is an International Poetry powerhouse. I can safely   name -tag Global Poetry Laureate. His Spoken word poetry and Page poetry are featured   on international spaces. Laureate Nav has published more than more than 15 poetry and short stories collections since 1981.Legendary. TIME OF THE POET REPUBLIC is appreciating the high-grade artistry and literary prowess displayed in the writings and poetry life of Internationally renowned Poet, Acclaimed Spoken Word Artist, Global Poetry Laureate Danish Poet and Distinguished Writer Niels Hav- (Blurb by Mbizo CHIRASHA).


Books by Niels Hav

In Defense of Poets


What are we to do about the poets?

Life’s rough on them

they look so pitiful dressed in black

their skin blue from internal blizzards.


Poetry is a horrible disease,

the infected walk about complaining

their screams pollute the atmosphere like leaks

from atomic power stations of the mind. It’s so psychotic.

Poetry is a tyrant

it keeps people awake at night and destroys marriages

it draws people out to desolate cottages in mid-winter

where they sit in pain wearing earmuffs and thick scarves.

Imagine the torture.


Poetry is a pest –

worse than gonorrhea, a terrible abomination.

But consider poets it’s hard for them,

bear with them!

They are hysterical as if they are expecting twins

they gnash their teeth while sleeping, they eat dirt

and grass. They stay out in the howling wind for hours

tormented by astounding metaphors.

Every day is a holy day for them.


Oh please, take pity on the poets

they are deaf and blind

help them through traffic where they stagger about

with their invisible handicap

remembering all sorts of stuff. Now and then one of them stops

to listen for a distant siren. Show consideration for them.


Poets are like insane children

who’ve been chased from their homes by the entire family.

Pray for them

they are born unhappy

their mothers have cried for them

sought the assistance of doctors and lawyers,

until they had to give up

for fear of losing their own minds.

Oh, cry for the poets!


Nothing can save them.

Infested with poetry like secret lepers

they are incarcerated in their own fantasy world

a gruesome ghetto filled with demons

and vindictive ghosts.


When on a clear summer’s day the sun shining brightly

you see a poor poet

come wobbling out of the apartment block, looking pale

as a cadaver and disfigured by speculations

then walk up and help him.

Tie his shoelaces, lead him to the park

and help him sit down on a bench

in the sun. Sing to him a little

buy him an ice cream and tell him a story

because he’s so sad.

He’s completely ruined by poetry.


©  Niels Hav 

Translated by P.K. Brask & Patrick Friesen



 Hunting Lizards in the Dark


During the killings unaware

we walked along the lakes.

You spoke of Szymanowski,

I studied a rook

picking at dog shit.

Each of us caught up in ourselves

surrounded by a shell of ignorance

that protects our prejudices.


The holists believe that a butterfly in the Himalayas

with the flap of a wing can influence the climate

in Antarctica.  It may be true.

But where the tanks roll in

and flesh and blood drip from the trees

that is no comfort.


Searching for truth is like hunting lizards

in the dark.  The grapes are from South Africa,

the rice from Pakistan, the dates grown in Iran.

We support the idea of open borders

for fruit and vegetables,

but however we twist and turn

the ass is at the back.


The dead are buried deep inside the newspaper,

so that we, unaffected, can sit on a bench

on the outskirts of paradise

and dream of butterflies.


© Niels Hav 

Translated by P. K. Brask & Patrick Friesen


49991728_343004096553439_3523519231864823320_n (1)

The anesthetists discuss astronomy


The anesthetists discuss astronomy

elevating in the lift

while patients arrive in taxis

accompanied or not by family.


The universe

consists of 100 billion galaxies.

If there are sentient civilizations

on just a millionth of those planets

we are far from alone.


Outside: cold rain,



A sick person

sitting in the waiting room

among frayed magazines

with his threadbare life

has only one single prayer.


© Niels Hav – translated by P. K. Brask


Cover Arabic

All Religions are Hypotheses


All religions are hypotheses

that God could probably do without.

The snobs maintain

that life is totally

meaningless.  Well, that’s up to them.


That I am going to die was a matter of course

from day one.  Everything around us

dies; some people live in apartments

festering with dead flies.


What matters is to face this

without resignation or becoming cynical.

In the midst of living, surrounded

by children’s spicy expectations.


© Niels Hav 

Translated by P.K. Brask & Patrick Friesen

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Niels Hav is a Danish poet and short story writer with awards from The Danish Arts Council. He is the author of seven collections of poetry and three books of short fiction. His books have been translated into many languages including English, Arabic, Turkish, Dutch, Farsi, Serbian, Kurdish and Portuguese. His second English poetry collection, We Are Here, was published by Book Thug in Toronto; his poems and stories have been published in a large number of magazines and newspapers in different countries of the world, including The Literary Review, Ecotone, Acumen, Exile, The Los Angeles Review, Absinthe: New European Writing, Shearsman and PRISM International. He has traveled widely and participated in numerous international poetry events in Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America. He has frequently been interviewed by the media.Niels Hav was raised on a farm in western Denmark, today he resides in the most colourful and multi-ethnic part of the capital, Copenhagen.His most recent book, ‘Øjeblikke af lykke’ / ‘Moments of Happiness’ was published by Det Poetiske Bureaus Forlag, 2020.




                                          MEET TIME OF THE POET REPUBLIC

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Mbizo CHIRASHA,  UNESCO-RILA  Affiliate Artist. Freedom of Speech Fellow to PEN- Zentrum  Deutschland,Germany. Alumni  of the International Human Rights  Arts Festival in New-York, USA. Literary Arts Activism Diplomatie. Globally Certified Arts Mediums Curator and Influencer. Internationally Published Page and Spoken Word Poet. Writer in Residence.  Arts for Human Rights Catalyst. Core Team Member of the Bezine Arts and Humanities Project. His illustrious poetry, hybrid writings, political commentary, short fiction, book reviews  and Arts Features are published in more  than 400 spaces notably the Monk  Arts and Soul in  Magazine  in United Kingdom. Atunis in Belgium. Demer press poetry series in Netherlands. World Poetry Almanac in Mongolia. Poesia journal in Slovenia. Bezine Arts and Humanities Webzine in USA. The Poet a Day in Brooklyn, USA. Litnet Writers Journal in South Africa. African Crayons in Nigeria. Poetry Bulawayo in Zimbabwe. Pulp-pit USA. The FictionalCafe international Journal, Texas USA. Best New African Poetry series in Zimbabwe, Zimbolicious Poetry Collections in Zimbabwe. Co-edited Street Voices International Publications with Andreas Weiland  in Germany. Co-Edited  Silent Voices Anthology, a Tribute to Chinua Achebe. Co-Edited the Corpses of Unity, solidarity collection to victimized Cameroonians with Nsah Mala. Curated and Edited the Zimbabwe We Want Poetry, Inside Digraceland speaking poetic truth to the Mugabe regime and other bad regimes.  He owns the Time of  the Poet blog zine, MIOMBOPUBLISHING that published the #GlobalCallforPeaceProject titled the Second of EARTH is Peace. A LETTER to the PRESIDENT his experimental  resistance poetry collection was released  in August 2019 by Mwanaka and Media Publishing. Co- Authored Whispering Woes of Ganges and Zambezi with Sweta Vikram in India. Good Morning President his first poetry collection was published in 2011  by Zimbabwean published based in United Kingdom, Diaspora Publishers.COVID 19 Satansdeadly fart is forthcoming. Chirasha is  Founder  and the Chief Editor of Brave Voices Poetry Journal, and WOMAWORDS LITERARY PRESS,



TIME  OF THE  POET REPUBLIC- An Internet based  Writers  Center,  Archiving Theme based Digital Poetry Anthologies and  publishing Iconic Poets ,Writers and Artists from around the globe. TIME OF POET REPUBLIC was  founded  by  UNESCO-RILA Affliate ARTIST. Freedom of SPEECH Fellow PEN-Zentrum Deutschland.2019 African FELLOW and  Acclaimed Literary Arts Diplomatie,Mbizo CHIRASHA.writerdesk

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