Performance Poet Nicole Peyrafitte your dub verse is mind raving and lyrical gymnastics scintillates lowspirited readers to resurrect themselves to activity. Your poetry heaves with heart throbbing rhythm, that of a dense canopy of papaya tree dancing on the passing wind and as well dangling with ripe yellow ready to be give us Vitamin C. Your art is mature and provokes  the world to rise  and see dots of darkness in the sun  as such to realize patches of  dirty  on the  undergarments  of the moon .Your philosophy concocted imagery raves and cracks our mental boxes, like how stray tendrils of marijuana smoke spirals into the nostrils of a saint, a nonsmoker and wrecks his brains to speak to himself or herself. Mind boggling. Thus, the power of your voice is extraordinary. You are multi- talented , you  juggle  from philosophy   into protest  into resistance  as  you spew hard protest vitriol into the deadly , death itching eyes of heartless dare- murderers   who killed and  surrendered Georges Floyd s life  onto  the devil  in cold blood .The   poem about the painful death George Floyd  is  a  hymn  sizzling with  grief  and  heart-wrecking  pain .You are a humanitarian poet ,you  hold  revolutionary shield ,your poetic license  and  scythe of truth , your  imagery to defend   peace and freedoms  that are subjected to bloodletting cruelty and  life  demising   violence . And this has since plunged our earth, our world into a golgotha of death. Your resistance message is not only for the hushed murderers of George Floyd, it is a revolutionary signal to all those who thrive on spilling human blood for purposes of power, barbarism, revenge, savagery and retrogression. Lastly, your action-packed performance poetry video reflects the amount of energy and the emotion in it carries the extent of seriousness of matters being addressed by the showcase.  Nicole Peyrafitte you are poet par excellence, an extraordinary voice to come out the world. Your hybrid mix of both page poetry, spoken word poetry, French and English language versions is a symptom of diversity of talents, cultural tolerance and inclusivity. POWERFUL.  TIME OF THE POET REPUBLIC prides in profiling excellence, prowess, creativity and diversity of ideas- (Blurb by Mbizo CHIRASHA).

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for & with Orpingalik

— early 20th century Netsilik Eskimo/Inuit Shaman/poet/hunter


Anerca         breath poetry songs are thoughts

sung out w/ the breath thoughts       flowing forces in joy    fear                sorrow

thoughts  floods

to gasp & throb come  hear here breath  spells   tells


Anerca           poésie souffle chansons pensées cançons soscados

viens ici écouter respire épèle dis buf canta

chantées avec le souffle


pensées forces fluides

en joie en peur en peine pensées déluge


haleter & palpiter viens ici écouter souffle dit épèle pèle


come     hear here breath spells tells




nicole 11

I de-suffice myself



My nature is neither true nor constitutive I must apply myself to new assessments. Not relying on others?

Being self sufficient? That is not what I mean.

As a simple trapped feminculus who couldn’t wait to get out of the oven that baked her

I witness.

Irreverent? Maybe,

though I bow to collective rebirth.



If the idea of the soul must be left abstract soul painting is then begotten not created.

For whom & why describe the figure?

Here, the repeated expression of “primal” creation is not imitation nor impulse to abstraction,

but the formative moulding & plasticity of the action.


This action is an inspired, instinctive & intuitive aspiration. It does not fill me but de-suffices me.

This action is neither complacent, adequate nor competent but lends itself to itself.



Here, the volition of the ovo-sapiens action is integral.

A pigmented & kinesthetic ovulation fertilized via the body’s balance capacities.


Nicole Peyrafitte





Adonis Blue


A neck under your knee

you press you press you press

you press for eight minutes & 46 seconds a neck under your knee

you press you crush

the skin the muscles the nerves the veins whose?

say his name

George Floyd say his name

George Floyd under your knee

gasping for air

calling “mama mama”

panting “they’ll kill me. they’ll kill me,” & you did

you crushed him under your knee

“they’ll kill me. they’ll kill me,” he knew it

he felt it under your knee

slowly asphyxiated under your knee

your hands in your pockets your shades on your head you crushed a man

under your knee

his mouth foams his blood turns blue George Perry Floyd blue blue blue

not police blue not royal blue police-dead blue

under your knee

you crushed a man Derek Chauvin Chauvin Chauvin Chauvin

your French name an eponym of chauvinism excessive nationalistic violent fervor & bigotry Nicolas Chauvin was a legendary

& possibly apocryphal French soldier

but you Derek Chauvin are not a fictional character

eighteen complaints already documented in your official files you & so many other chauvinist pigs

strutting that “thin blue line” your hands in your pockets full of thick blue lies

under your knee

his mouth foams white under your knee

his blood turns blue George Perry Floyd


blue blue blue abducted life police-dead blue


you crushed George Perry Floyd bigot Chauvin

but this case will not be closed genuflection substantiation transformation

George Perry Floyd George Perry Floyd instant pupa

rises from hate splits from scene

a colony of Adonis blue butterflies takes wing

pollinates the great reveal

seeks justice searches for peace there is no end to this poem


George Perry Floyd Adonis blue

plant a watchman in


Nicole Peyrafitte is a multidisciplinary artist born in the French Pyrénées. Recent presentations include : The 11 Women of Spirit at Salon Zürcher, New York City; the 2017 multi-tier exhibition & live performance Peyrafitte / Joris : Domopoetic Works at Simoncini Gallery, Luxembourg, featuring her longtime collaboration with poet & translator Pierre Joris. Gallery Simoncini will host a second multi-tier installment in February 2021, including action painting & cooking.In 2018 she wrote & directedThings Fall WhereThey Lie a documentary feature film starring Steve Dalachinsky & Yuko Otomo. Recent publications include: Carnet 1 & 2 (RedfoxPress Ireland, 2018), Landsc0pes (2018) & Bi Valve: Vulvic Space/Vulvic Knowledge (2016) (Plaine Page). Peyrafitte’s Action Paintings have been performed in a range of international venues for more info:

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Mbizo CHIRASHA – UNESCO-RILA Affiliate Artist. 2020 Free Speech Fellow at PEN Deutschland.2020 Poet in Residence of the Fictional Café . 2019 African Fellow of the Contributing Writer at Monk Arts and Soul Magazine . Literary Arts Activism Diplomatie at Bezine Arts and Humanities Magazine and The Poet A Day. Featured Poetry Artist at WorlBeyondWar.Org. Arts Features and Political commentary Writer at Cultural Weekly. Featured African Writer at Demer Press International Poetry Series . Featured African Performance Poet at 2020 Medellin International Poetry Festival. Featured Poet/Writer at INKSWEATAND TEARS Journal, Sentinel UK , Wrath-bearing Tree- USA , FemAsia Magazine -UK. Soutrhern Africa Poet  at 2020Festival Internacional de Poesía de Medellín.2019 Live Literature Hub Curator/Producer at Sotambe International Film Arts FESTIVAL. 2009 Poet in Residence at International Africa Culture and Development, ICACD). 2003 Young Literary Arts Delegate of ZimBookFair to Goteborg International Book Fair and was  the Spokenword Artist at SIDA African Pavilion . Co-Editor of a three Languages International collection STREET VOICES with prominent Germany Author Andreas Weiland . Featured Poet at Cervena Barva Press Newsletter. Literary Arts and Poetry Contributor to the Zimbabwean Voice of the Voiceless Newspaper. African Participant to the World Poetry Almanac Book Series in Mongolia. Resident Coordinator for 100 Thousand POETS for Peace- Zimbabwe. Founder and Creative Director at GirlChildcreativity Project . Writer in Residence. Global LITERARY Arts Projects Influencer. Published Author and International Acclaimed Poet. Chronicler and Publisher , AFRICA WRITERS CARAVAN. Chief Editor at TIME OF THE POET REPUBLIC. Projects Curator at WOMAWORDS LITERARY PRESS. Chief Influencer at Brave Voices Poetry Journal. Author and Editor at Porcupine Quill.


TIME  OF THE  POET REPUBLIC- An Internet based  Writers  Center,  Archiving Theme based Digital Poetry Anthologies and  publishing Iconic Poets ,Writers and Artists from around the globe. TIME OF POET REPUBLIC was  founded  by  UNESCO-RILA Affliate ARTIST. Freedom of SPEECH Fellow PEN-Zentrum Deutschland.2019 African FELLOW and  Acclaimed LiteraryArtDiplomatie,Mbizo CHIRASHAFrom-the-Writers-desk-image


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