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INTRODUCTION- Pen Lord  Moses KHOTI popularly  name-tagged  as  Benedexio Moore Khoti  releases a table turner collection Tales of a  Pen Lord.  Today , Iam writing  a blurb  it is  readily available courtesy of the Pen Lord . Alongside this  Tales of a   Pen Lord   Collection , we give our beloved readers a reward of three poems. I know some of you are already salivating for the new poetry beverage by Benedixio Moore Khoti- by Curator Mbizo Chirasha


Tales of a Pen Lord is simply a complex journey through the vast experiences of the labyrinth called Life.It is an exquisite lens that delves deep into the tapestry
of life and all that constitutes it.It is a rare fabric of many colors aptly twined and entwined by the sturdy quill of a brilliant Word Smith.It’s a powerful concoction sweetly brewed in a poetic kitchen and graciously touches on all themes ; ranging from love to suicide. It is a swing of fate swinging like a pendulum unveiling all matters that affect man as an individual and man as a strand in the web of mankind and it is a great pointer,outlining contours that guard and guide humanity.It is a timely gift to humanity,poured out from the cores of a passionate writer’s heart.
Tales of a Pen Lord is indeed a must read for it has all the savory ingredients to make any reader salivate, feed and feast upon.It is a good Paradigm exhibiting the abilities and potentials of Poets of the new Era-( Blurb by Benedixio  Moore Khoti).
Modern Eden.
In the garden of eden,
Eve has become a snake with breasts
and Adam a beast with ags
both drunk on ego steadily heading for the nasty fall.
Rotten to the core, filthy as gamble;
their battle for head
has come to be lethal,
both easily forgetting it’s crucial to mingle
as a simple people.
The truth ; they have pruned brittle
and morals brutal,
both constantly catapulting into full – throttle
sipping from the same lethal bottle of ego
and sheepishly not detecting like before
what gruesome evil is to befall.
Life’s ever – spinning table
has become a vital gamble
where Adam and Eve
tread upon the suicidal path of gravel
patched with a colossal porthole where the devil
impatiently awaits with a diabolical gavel,
massaging the nerves of his brutal hacksaw.
In the modern garden of eden,
Eve has become a snake with breasts
and Adam a beast with three legs
where Eve uses her treasures to lure and entrap
and Adam uses his muscles to injure and concoct a warp.
They have sharpened their tongues;
sharp as Iron
and hiss curses
that spit more venom than that of python.
Unto the ears of Peace
Unto the ears of peace, I sing
a fresh tune of an ancient song,
resoundingly as a beaten gong
with prudishness of a ding – dong.
Unto the ears of peace, I whisper
pristine vigour like charming a lover,
pecking with persistence of a woodpecker,
and zealously drunk with surety of a nutcracker.
Unto the ears of peace, I blow a trumpet
like jangling spurs of a dangling anklet,
summoning her to dive – deep into her magical closet
and graciously unlock a serene pocket;
a locket to unleash waves of contagious peace
to come wrap each face of the earth in its warmth
like a blanket.
The ears of peace
I wish pierce with a hoarse voice
that of drunkenness.
Unto the ears of peace,
In anguish I wail like a furious siren
and wallow like a tender woman
brutally pinched by labour pain,
restlessly pleading with peace
to come and shower us with its serene rapture.
Oh Lord Have Mercy
Oh lord ;
Man has grown bull-headed becoming god,
dangerously possessing a hand with a golden wand,
mixing haven of heaven with filthy hell like a tell of a tale.
The plagues of Egypt are erect and erupt from the depths of his heart,
falling like rains of fire in Sodom and Gomorrah,
burning with fury to bury righteousness in ashes.
Man is come to be a great sorcerer, projecting an epic chimera
where the camera winks and blinks in merriment,
capturing scenes of pure original scenes
as angels mingle with demons and priests tangle ; tap – dancing tango with devils.
It’s a play of ritualistic foreplay
where worshipers and whores dress in one very code
and squirt a chord in one accord;
carrying hearts bellyful with mockery as they scream whispers of hallelujah!
Saints n’ sinners are aroused by the same aura and aroma,
climaxing into spasmodic orgasms at the mention of mullah.
Blasphemy is the new prophecy, knitted by prophets of doom
and ‘I receive it ‘ a modern ‘Amen’
deftly brewed by mouths of clergymen
adorned in crooked tongues rambling with acumen.
The church altar is no longer consecrated
as the church bell madly tolls pregnant with malice
and hypocrisy is the wine that fills – up the chalice
refreshing the sacrament of the Lord’s supper.
Atonement is a testament only money can fend and afford
and true testimony is corroded by acrimony of rehearsed folly;
Oh Lord! have mercy.
A new doctrine is forcibly punched – in
and like quicksand, noble man is sinking in
where Adam is to seek another of his own kind
and Eve is betrothed by yet another Eve;
Oh Lord have mercy…
New religion’s are birthed, concocting grave divisions
where confused boasts as lucrative business
and death the only contumacious witness
watching as wars rage furiously like fires in dry shrubs
sourly victimizing all manner of life;
the young and old,
the Imam’s and Rabbi’s, Saints and Sinners;
Oh Lord have mercy.
                                PEN LORD BBENEDIXIO MOORE KHOTI
Benedixio Moore Khoti( Moses Khoti) is a writer, poet, spoken -word artist,songwriter and a storyteller hailing from the southern part of Africa, Zambia in Particular.
He is a professional Engineer to whom writing is an inborn – passion that had at a tender age erupted into passionate flames that he now lives consumed in.
To write, he draws his inspiration from the Universe and the beyond’s beyond beyond.
His ink spillage is an effluent stream that floods with emphasis on preaching one Love for one mankind and strongly stands against all – manner of injustices. 
He is an executive member of the International African Writers Association (IAWA) and also a platinum – categorized member of the worlds largest and most active writer’s forum( Motivational Strips) where he holds position as a moderator representing the Zambia Office.He is also a guest contributor to the digital Poetry journal Brave Voices. His works of art have been featured in many anthologies and his writing consistency on themes pioneering peace and love and uplifting humanity has earned Him ambassadorship(Zambia) for Every Child Life – line which is a charity organization with headquarters in Nigeria.He is currently working on a Spoken – word album and his debut Novel.

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Mbizo CHIRASHA – UNESCO-RILA Affiliate Artist. 2020 Free Speech Fellow at PEN Deutschland.2020 Poet in Residence of the Fictional Café . 2019 African Fellow of the Writer at Monk Arts and Soul Magazine . Literary Arts Activism Diplomatie at Bezine Arts and Humanities Magazine and The Poet A Day. Featured Poetry Artist at WorlBeyondWar.Org.Arts Features and Political commentary Writer at Cultural Weekly. Featured African Writer at Demer Press International Poetry Series . Featured African Performance Poet at 2020 Medellin International Poetry Festival. Featured Poet/Writer at INKSWEATAND TEARS Journal, Sentinel UK , Wrath-bearing Tree- USA , FemAsia Magazine -UK. Soutrhern Africa Poet  at 2020Festival Internacional de Poesía de Medellín.2019 Live Literature Hub Curator/Producer at Sotambe International Film Arts FESTIVAL. 2009 Poet in Residence at International Africa Culture and Development, ICACD). 2003 Young Literary Arts Delegate of ZimBookFair to Goteborg International Book Fair and was  the Spokenword Artist at SIDA African Pavilion . Co-Editor of a three Languages International collection STREET VOICES with prominent Germany Author Andreas Weiland . Featured Poet at Cervena Barva Press Newsletter. Literary Arts and Poetry Contributor to the Zimbabwean Voice of the Voiceless Newspaper. African Participant to the World Poetry Almanac Book Series in Mongolia. Resident Coordinator for 100 Thousand POETS for Peace- Zimbabwe. Founder and Creative Director at GirlChildcreativity Project . Writer in Residence. Global LITERARY Arts Projects Influencer. Published Author and International Acclaimed Poet. Chronicler and Publisher , AFRICA WRITERS CARAVAN. Chief Editor at TIME OF THE POET REPUBLIC. Projects Curator at WOMAWORDS LITERARY PRESSChief Influencer at Brave Voices Poetry JournalAuthor and Editor at Porcupine Quill.



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