Before you read Nancy Ndeke’s psalm to the words and work going into WordCity Monthly, please allow me a moment to express my gratitude for her and all of the WordCity editors. Without them–Sylvia Petter, Jane SpokenWord, Nancy Ndeke, Olga Stein, Lori Roadhouse and (coming next month, Geraldine Sinyuy)–this would still be just an idea.

Thank you, too, to every reader who joins us, and each writer who entrusts to us their work. As we are so often reminded by Mbizo Chirasha, the visionary and leader under whose Poet Republic umbrella WordCity shelters and grows, Together We Rise. ~Darcie Friesen Hossack, Managing Editor, WordCity Monthly.

Nancy Ndeke, WordCity’s Contributing Editor of Poetry

WordCity is a cosmopolitan meeting point of minds and souls who revere the emotions of words. Its highways, avenues, streets and alleys have a rhythmic match of fluency that speaks a ‘cosmo-lingo’ that tantalizes the most sensitive and its opposite into standing ovations to cheer the wonders of the magical display of the written words, in a manner befitting the title of ‘The best of the best’. WordCity is the new home of daring and brave hearts that see with words and speak with emotions in various modes and manner.

From the complexities of race and color and the assumptions that inform and dis-inform, poetry/prose breaks the barn doors of jaded histories and delivers deeply traumatic truths which should heal our world for indeed tomorrow is owed this truth. From the joys of love and accompanying pains, to leaderships gone rogue and what needs to happen, from the grim realities of children mowing fellow children, the vagaries, pains, sorrows, joys and hopes of humanity and the environment of man and beast are all captured here within the city largesse for everyone’s pleasure. The climax on this platform is the spoken word. Full house is the only phrase to capture this literary marathon.

Fiction has its role in the mind play of life beyond the ordinary. It’s a cuisine any and all connoisseurs of great writing should aspire to read. Non-fiction with its ready mirror for society to stand and study their ways is a show case for the best of them. Great depths of stunning essays shall leave any reader wowed by the logic, research and organizational inputs into the works. So are the interviews of eminent personalities that grace this inaugural magazine.

WordCity is home to all that which teaches, questions, informs, cautions, entertains and offers a way out of the ugly to the beautiful. Behind the great desk where time bleeds the fingers upon days and nights, are a great personality, and champion editor poet and author, Darcie Friesen Hossack, the prolific writer Sylvia Petter , great poet Jane SpokenWord, up and rising star Lori D. Roadhouse, great Olga Stein and the iconic Black poet Mbizo Chirasha. Geraldine Sinyuy joins us next month with book reviews.

bookcase @DarcieFriesenHossack

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