Kenya and Kenyan poets remain our literary arts cordial friends. I cannot exhaust to account names. The likes of author Omwa Ombara, Waithera James, Jerusha, Tigress Nancy Ndeke and more more comrades. Young Poets like Jina, Biko Iruti, Kenneth Kay. The list is endless. The Brave Voices Poetry Journal and the WOMAWORDS LITERARY PRESS October issues are to be guest edited by   Versatile, prolific, acclaimed and widely published Kenyan Poets   Michael Mwangi Macharia (Brave Voices Poetry Journal) and Kananuh Jerusha (WOMAWORDS LITERARY PRESS). The duo are literary combatants and word maestro with their extraordinary verses written all over social media walls, online poetry journals and global print anthologies. They  are gifted with  the requisite credentials to handle both the heat and pressure as to be experienced during their guest editing tenure of service. This special blog message seeks to introduce the GUEST Editors of the October Journals . These Guest  Editors  have been featured and  profiled at  TIME OF THE POET REPUBLIC CENTER and the AFRICA WRITERS CARAVAN respectively . We also introduce October thematic areas and Submission guidelines.  

Meet  Jerusha Kananuh( Guest Editor of the  WOMAWORDS October Issue)

Kenyan Writer JERUSHA KANANU MARETE , is the author of power-parked -package anthology of poems titled Echoes of Military Souls   that promise to keep you at the edge of your seat. She has her heart in narrative poems. Her touch on the military theme in her anthology is splendid. She graduate from University Of Nairobi with a degree in Education (English &Literature) and currently a MA student at Kenyatta University (Literature/Theatre departments).  Jerusha is a teacher, a performing artist & a film and theatre enthusiast .She is also a full time mother to Emmanuel. Her poems have been published in Best New African Poets 2019 anthology. Her work was also featured in the annual military magazine .

DIGNITY. Almost  the whole  of 2020,  humanity  suffered under the
menace of COVID19, a pandemic that has left many more of us  without
any form of social and economic fabric . Human dignity has been
severely shattered. Our church congregations closed , usual
traditional gatherings  dispersed and replaced by cemeteries , loss
and fear . The October issue seeks to bring back human dignity, hope
and the promise of life.

The WOMAWORDS OCTOBER ISSUE DEADLINE is the 25th of October 2020
-Women poets from around  the world  can submit to the Guest Editor
, creatively spirited , seasoned educationist  and widely published
Kenyan  Poet Jerusha Kananu <> and you  also
copy to
– Send three previously unpublished ,tripled with your 5line  writers
profile and head/shoulder publishable photo
– Include on subject line (RESTORING HUMAN DIGNITY)
-15 poems/writings will be selected for the WOMAWORDS October issue

WOMAWORDS LITERARY PRESS- A Trendsetting Digital Arts Culture Thicket archiving creative resilience and artistic excellence. It is a platform to exhibit women of literary arts prowess and revolutionary sister comrades defying ugly odds of barbarism , chauvinism and savagery to positively change their communities through artistic resistance , to right the wrong perceptions as they carry the torchlight to stardom. WOMAWORDS is Haven of Head -busting Short Fiction . Nerve -Shredding Poetry And Mind -Blowing ARTISTIC Profiles.

Michael Mwangi Macharia( Guest Editor of the Brave Voices Poetry Journal October Issue)

MICHAEL MWANGI MACHARIA is a prolific poet who was born and raised in Nakuru county of the expansive Rift Valley in Kenya.He is a graduate of Moi University .He was anthologized in Echoes Across the Valley and has published in online journals.He also contributes articles in Saturday Nation.He also has interest in photography, fine arts,music,drama and dance.He is associated with a private publisher and has edited a few manuscripts. He finds poetry a worthwhile and great pastime as well as form of expression.He feels the information technology revolution has been a great opportunity for poets to link up and create positive change in the world today.

*Chanting Truth Against Corruption (Zimbabwe AND Africa ) Poets
continue to play a big role of speaking hard truth to pot belled
corruption hardened fat cats and double chinned fervent charlatans
gobbling national treasures without restraint, while the villager, the
peasant, the voter toil in the quandary of hunger, poverty and
disease. Poets continue to shout out loud against fuel cartels, money
hoarding and massive corruption. Corruption is the cancer that has
plunged the country into moral and economic decadence. Let the people
of any class, creed and background speak against corruption. Political
Chefs of all political persuasions must declare their assets and give
enough proof of how they acquired that wealth. The Brave Voices Poetry
Journal is a special edition on CORRUPTION and is released on the 25th
of October 2020.
The Guest Editor will receive submissions of the October Issue,
compile  and select 15 poems  from  the pool of submissions
–       Submit three poems tripled with 5 line writers profile and head/shoulder photo
–       The submission deadline is 20th of October 2020
–        Include  in the Subject line ( CHANTING TRUTH against CORRUPTION –
Zimbabwe and Africa)

–       5 Poets must come from Kenya and the other 10poets comes from around the world
–       All entries are submitted to  Guest Editor  , widely published ,
poetry reviewer  , acclaimed literary arts projects curator and
prolific Kenyan Poet  Michael Mwangi Macharia at  and  also to be copied to

BRAVE VOICES PRESS-A digital literary arts culture Republic featuring Resistance Poetry and Voices  of Mass Instruction . Speaking hard truth to Abusers of Power . Telling  Transparency to greed and corrupt political leadership. Wielding Pen for the upholding of  human rights. Word -Slingers  in trenches  in their struggle for Freedom of Expression and Freedom after Expression.

TIME OF THE POET CURATORMbizo CHIRASHA, the Author of a Letter to the President. co-Authored Whispering Woes of Ganges and Zambezi. Co-Edited Street Voices Poetry Collection (Germany Africa Poetry Anthology). Co- Editor of the Corpses of Unity Anthology.  Associate Editor at  Diasporia(n) online. Chief Editor at Time of the Poet Republic. Founding Editor at WomaWords Literary Press. Publisher at Brave Voices Poetry journal.  Curator at Africa Writers Caravan. UNESCO-RILA Affiliate Artist at University of Glasgow. 2020 Poet in Residence Fictional Café. 2019 African Fellow, IHRAF.ORG. Project Curator and Co-Editor of the Second Name of Earth is Peace (Poetry Voices Against WAR Anthology). Contributing Essayist to Monk Arts and Soul Magazine.  Poetry and writtings appear in  FemAsia Magazine ,Wrath -Bearing Tree, Inksweat andtears journal , One Ghana One Magazine, Ofi Press, World Poetry Almanac, Demer Press , Atunis Galaxy poetry online , IHRAF Publishes , The Poet a Day , Bezine.Com , Sentinel UK, Oxford School of Poetry Pamphlet , Africa Crayons, PulpitMagazine,Poetry Pacific, Zimbolicious , Best New Poets ,Poetry Bulawayo , Gramnet webjournal, Diogen Plus , , Festival de Poesia Medellin and elsewhere .

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