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The 5.9.2020 the Piccolo Museo della Poesia Chiesa di San Cristoforo , the only museum of poetry in the world inaugurated its new home in the deconsecrated Church of San Cristoforo. A place known in Art historyfor the project and the Dome which were created by Ferdinando Galli from Bibbiena. A Baroque master piecethat finds in the museum of poetry the maximum exaltation of its beauty.

The dome painted by Bibbienna.jp

The inauguration due to Covid- security measures was held in five sessions with the authorities and celebritiesas Giampiero Neri (dean of Italian poets), Guido Oldani (founder of terminal realism),and In video link fromall continents, poets and writers of fame, such as Ferdinando Rendon, Colombia (founder and director of theWorld Poetry Festival, in Medellin), Hafez Haidar, Lebanese and Italian citizen (Nobel Peace Prize candidate2020), George Wallace, United States, and the Indian poet and activist Mamta Sagar


Directors Massimo Silvotti and Sabrina De Canio

The small Museum exists since 2014 thanks to the courage and determination of Massimo Silvotti, writer,poet, artist, philosopher: “ The contamination between the arts is very fascinating, it is no coincidence thatwe are also an exhibition space and often in our events we created a mixture of music, theater, cinema,dance and more. The Museum’s mission is not exclusively conservative, on the contrary, we want to bring poetry back to the squares, to the people, so that they can re-appropriate it. Aim is to be the center of innovation and experimentation in arts; interacting with the smartest intelligences of the contemporary art world on international level and create a continuous laboratory for communication .Out in the center of the museum a work by the artist Antje Stehn, a monumental dress made of feathers(Xiao Bing’s dress, homage to Pippa Bacca)which stands for the union between classical and contemporary

Antje Stehn Xiao Bing’s dress ,Hommage to Pippa Bacca.jpg

Antje Stehn
Xiao Bing’ dress, Tribute to Pippa Bacca 2016
Material: goose, duck and chicken feathers, cloth, iron rods
Dimensions: cm 320×200×200

Who is Xiao Bing?
In 2017, the first collection of poems created completely by artificial intelligence was released under the name of Xiao Bing in China. Xiao Bing is an avatar made of the photoshopped image of an Asian student eating a pink popsicle. In fact, Xiao means “little ice lolly”. Thanks to a well-studied marketing strategy, Xiao Bing managed to conquer the Chinese public and was even included in an anthology among the ten best post-2000 Chinese poets. Before publishing her first book, the computer analyzed 2,027 poems written since 1920 by 519 different Chinese authors,studying them with a method called “iterative learning” a procedure which took the computer about one hundred hours, while it would have taken a hundred years for a human
to complete. . The Chinese national poetry establishment naturally felt threatened, but for a terminal realist poet, this fact confirms that those who understand art as a tool of investigation on contemporaneity are on the right track. A computer can reshuffle the past perfectly but will never be able to interpret the present and create new ideas looking to the future.

Antje Stehnm Xiao Bing’s dress ,Hommage to Pippa Bacca.jpg

Antje Stehn
Xiao Bing’ dress, Tribute to Pippa Bacca 2016 (part.)
Xiao Bing’s dress is dedicated to PIPPA BACCA, an artist and performer, whose performance, “Brides on Tour” in 2008, cost her life. Together with the artist Silvia Moro, she hitchhiked through eleven countries which were the scene of armed conflicts, to get to Jerusalem, wearing a wedding dress as a symbol of purity. Her mission was to promote peace and trust in others: a resolution that failed. After crossing Slovenia, Croatia,Bosnia and Bulgaria together, the two women separated in Istanbul, with the promise to meet again after a few days in Beirut. This never happened and, as sadly known, the artist was raped and murdered by the man
who gave her a ride in the car. Her death received an enormous amount of media attention both in Italy and in Turkey, and especially in the latter country, reopening a heated debate on violence against women. Soon on the panel of the museum:
(26.9.2020) we will have an exhibition which includes the Poetryismypassion Project;
Rucksack, a global poetry patchwork, curated by Antje Stehn (Germany) and Mamta Sagar (India)-
The installation is featuring a large bag, the Rucksack, made of dried tea bags and an exhibition of short poems, from more than 250 poets from all over the world. Their mother tongue voices will be heard on an audio loop throughout the exhibition space. The work brings together a great number of people, places, visions, languages, emphasizing the value of closeness, so significant in this historical moment marked by distance and confinement, by the acute precariousness of the human network. The international project is supported by The poet movement Terminal Realism, the German art group feine Menschen, the onlinemagazines La macchina sognante (Italia) and The Dreaming machine (USA) .

Antje Stehn ,Germany ,1962(member of the scientific committee of the Piccolo Museo della Poesia of Piacenza, Italy.)

Antje Stehn (Germany ,1962) resides in Italy. Poet, visual artist, video producer, art curator.Since 1990 she has been showing her work in a number of international exhibitions around Europe and the U.S.A. Later she started integrating her poems into the art installations and organizing poetic-artistic performances. She is part of the international Collective “Poetry is my Passion” which is operating in Milan and organizes trans-cultural events for the promotion of language and cultural diversity in the cosmopolitan community. She is editing the international poetry voice “Milano, una città mille lingue” (Milan one voice, thousands of languages) for the poetrymagazine TamTamBumBum  .In 2019 she joined the international poetic movement Realismo Terminale founded by Giudo Oldani, which develops an artistic canon to interpret our contemporaneity.  She is member of the scientific committee of the Piccolo Museo della Poesia of Piacenza, Italy.    Her poems are translated into Italian, English, Polish and Spanish.

Mbizo CHIRASHA(Time of the Poet Republic Projects Curator)

Mbizo CHIRASHA, the Author of a Letter to the President. co-Authored Whispering Woes of Ganges and Zambezi. Co-Edited Street Voices Poetry Collection (Germany Africa Poetry Anthology). Co- Editor of the Corpses of Unity Anthology.  Associate Editor at  Diasporia(n) online. Chief Editor at Time of the Poet Republic. Founding Editor at WomaWords Literary Press. Publisher at Brave Voices Poetry journal.  Curator at Africa Writers Caravan. UNESCO-RILA Affiliate Artist at University of Glasgow. 2020 Poet in Residence Fictional Café. 2019 African Fellow, IHRAF.ORG. Project Curator and Co-Editor of the Second Name of Earth is Peace (Poetry Voices Against WAR Anthology). Contributing Essayist to Monk Arts and Soul Magazine.  Poetry and writtings appear in  FemAsia Magazine ,Wrath -Bearing Tree, Inksweat andtears journal , One Ghana One Magazine, Ofi Press, World Poetry Almanac, Demer Press , Atunis Galaxy poetry online , IHRAF Publishes , The Poet a Day , Bezine.Com , Sentinel UK, Oxford School of Poetry Pamphlet , Africa Crayons, PulpitMagazine,Poetry Pacific, Zimbolicious , Best New Poets ,Poetry Bulawayo , Gramnet webjournal, Diogen Plus , Poeisis.si , Festival de Poesia Medellin and elsewhere .

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TIME OF THE POET-An Internet based Writers Center, Archiving Theme based Digital Poetry Anthologies and publishing Iconic Poets ,Writers and Artists from around the globe. TIME OF POET REPUBLIC was founded by UNESCO-RILA Affliate ARTIST. Freedom of SPEECH Fellow PEN-Zentrum Deutschland.2019 African FELLOW ihraf.org and Acclaimed Literary Arts Diplomatie,Mbizo CHIRASHA.

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