Jordan Lide, Poetry

Jordan Lide Picture

In Your Office

You were my comfort,

the warm arms I trusted, and

willingly, I followed you

into your trap.

You held me close and

breathed down my neck.

Your hands travelled places

forbidden to go.

I ignored the red flags

that went off in my mind.

I craved your attention

so, I sat there still.

It was not until later

as I walked on home

that I felt the truth

of what you had done.

A Rose Without Thorns

Beauty is no defence against wandering hands.

The Rose knows she is beautiful

and so, she blooms for all to see.

But beauty unfortunately cannot protect

against hands that would seek to enter the garden

and take her for their own,

petal by petal.

Perhaps that is why the Rose grows thorns.

To protect herself from any who would dare

to pull her away from the garden

and hide her from the sun.

It is the only way she can


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Jordan Lide is a senior at the University of Wollongong studying Management and Theatre. She freelances as a writer and has had works published with the Tertangala, Hyde Magazine, and the blog Less Talk, More Writing. Additionally, Jordan runs a travel blog Little Fish, Bigger Pond, capturing her international adventures. When not writing Jordan enjoys going for walks on the beach.

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