Mansour Noorbakhsh, Poetry

Mansour 4

Trapped or Glowing

                        After execution of Navid Afkari

                                another human rights activist in Iran.


I saw dew drops on a spiderweb

glowing, in this beautiful morning.

Are they trapped,

or it’s a place for them to glow?

First thing as you woke up

in the spiderweb of social media,

was that another young brave man

is executed, is killed

because of rising his voice.

He did nothing but cry out

our rights, our basic rights.

Now, he is killed in favour of

real criminals,

while we were silent, smothered.

I look at the dew drops

which will never last

after sunshine comes up,

but are telling me,

glow as yourself,

even in your last moment.

176 Valentine’s Day


(To 167 passengers and 9 crews killed in flight 752 Tehran on 8th of January 2020)

Lying is easy, acquittal is absurd

they cannot steal what we dreamed

Liars blocked our texts, but

cannot torture light if it’s beamed.

So, you never find such messages

In any black box suspects

“Kiss you, I should turn off my phone”

“We have fastened our seatbelts”.

“So, intimate have we become

With their dear retrospect” *

You have received all messages

that no devices may direct.

Received to who it was sent to

right to the target, deep into heart:

in every light of Sun or Moon

I will retrieve, I will restart.

In every beam of light, dispersed

with restless dance I will fall

flowing down, looking for you

into your room, I will stroll.

In every beam of light, I’ll come

rejoiced my restless dancing

right to your cheeks, composed with love

for one another warm kissing.


*Emily Dickinson, Final Harvest, by Thomas H. Johnson, Back Bay Books, P 318.

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Mansour Noorbakhsh writes poems and stories in both English and Farsi, his first language, and has published books, poems and articles in both languages. His book length poem; “In Search of Shared Wishes” is published in 2017. He tries to be a voice for freedom, human rights and environment in his writings.

He is an Electrical Engineer, P.Eng. and lives with his wife, his daughter and his son in Toronto, Canada.

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