Norman Cristofoli, Poetry

I Am Afrika


I am the deep abyss of the dark continent

     the loneliness of the shifting Saharan sands

     the birth of the Nile

     and the pounding rhythm of the jungle

I am the quiet heart of the elephant’s graveyard

     and the desperate thunder of vast grasslands

I am the golden sun dripping into Atlantis

     and the burning rain of ancient blood

I am the shores of oceans and seas

     and the migration of endless skies

I am the Uud, the Djembe and the Kora

     dancing in the Kalahari midnight

I am descendent of first woman

     and ancestor to the end of man

I am the precious diamond of a forgotten treasure

     the moonlight falling upon crumbling pyramids

     the sleepless dream of Marrakech

I am the last cheetah running until my life explodes

I am the gazelle and the lion

     stolen to a far horizon

I am sorrow sold into slavery


I am Afrika


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Norman Cristofoli has published several chapbooks of poetry/prose plus two audio compilations of spoken word performances. He published the “Labour of Love” literary magazine for 25 years and was the co-founder of the “Coffeehouse” artist networking site. His play “The Pub” was recently published with CanamBooks. A new poetry book will be available this fall.



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