Sue Burge, your poetry is a concoctional beverage – mix of protest , literary sanity and lyrical dexterity . Cinematographic imagery and satire -sweetened reason are rich ingredients to flavor this diligently brewed mind-drumming versification . The poetic refreshment tastes paradox as the lines are creamed by peanut -paste of praise and marmalade- jam of protest. Verses are thoroughly simple in presentation , the meaning is grindingly psychical and the reason is hard to grind . The poet is a seasoned chronicler serving her readers with bitter sweet paradoxical morning soups , throat scalding metaphoric crank, nerve- jamming and mind spinning metaphor spiced beverages. The Poet in Burge versifies boldly about daily life matters , love , anger , hope , promise ,polarity , hypocrisy ,unfairness , ignorance and savagery .Her poetry defines and describes life and all that surrounds us as humanity . TIME OF THE POET REPUBBLIC takes pride in publishing a distinguished creative writing scholar, internationally renowned poet, hallowed storyteller and literary arts projects curator Sue Burge . Together We Rise-( Blurb by Mbizo CHIRASHA)



Inspired by an Tlingit carving of a captive witch

Whalebone witch, you have crawled the length

of two oceans to nestle in my outstretched palm,

here where sand, gravel and mud shapeshift the shore,

where wave turns seals from landblubber to sinew.

Your body is androgyne, serried with dirt-grained

sickles – rib, breast or stigmata.

When I hold you I am not soft girl, unshelled,

I am Hippolyta, carapaced in sisterhood, torso

trimmed for the draw of a bow. I am Daphne,

newly crowned, safe in my bark fortress.

Whalebone witch, with your yellowing salt-scoured skin,

the mark of rope stark on your back-bound arms,

your saucer eyes upturned to uncertainty, mouth

wide with memories of whale-song and knife.

from “The Saltwater Diaries” (Hedgehog Poetry Press 2020)


A thud,    

and we wake to see the splay 

of an owl across the window.

There is no other trace of him,

just this powdery impression –

like mothdust.

We marvel at the detail of it,

the narrative force,

how he came at speed, 

wings open,

how he must now be skulking

somewhere in the cold woods,

cloaked in darkness and betrayal.

This ashy presence is with us over Christmas, 

until the January storms

reduce it to smudge.

Sometimes we hear him mourning,  

see a brief, pale flit

beyond the larches;

put our cheeks against the cool glass,  

remember our time

with his still and lovely twin.  

From “In the Kingdom of Shadows” (Live Canon 2018)

Madame De La Tour

I tell you there’s a woman so in love

with the Eiffel Tower, she’s married it.

You roll your eyes, Ask Google, and there she is.

I envy her giddy gaze, her parted lips,

the tender way she holds her iron groom.

You tell me Zola feared the Tower’s height

would bring more storms to Paris.  I imagine

King Kong, swinging over the cowed city,

lightning forking round his melancholic roars.

I don’t love the Tower, but I like how it appears

from nowhere, playing a game of hide-and-seek,

punching the sky, always a winner.

I wonder if there’ll be room for more wives,

nesting on different platforms like plump doves,

the bitter taste of metal fading on their tongues,

cooing as they watch spirals of tourists queueing

like starstruck autograph hunters at the stage door.

Sue Burge

From “Lumière” (Hedgehog Poetry Press 2018)

A Sonnet Writing Workshop with Sue Burge | Ely | Events | Topping & Company  Booksellers of Bath, Edinburgh, Ely, and St Andrews

Sue Burge is a poet and freelance creative writing and film studies lecturer based in North Norfolk (UK).  She worked for over twenty years at the University of East Anglia teaching English, cultural studies, film and creative writing and was an Associate Lecturer in Creative Writing with the Open University.  Sue is an experienced workshop leader and has facilitated sessions all over the world, working with a wide range of people – international students, academics, retired professionals from all walks of life, recovering addicts, teenagers and refugees. She has travelled extensively for work and pleasure and spent 2016 blogging as The Peripatetic Poet.  She now blogs as Poet by the Sea. In 2016 Sue received an Arts Council (UK) grant which enabled her to write a body of poetry in response to the cinematic and literary legacy of Paris.  This became her debut pamphlet, Lumière, (Hedgehog Poetry Press 2018).  Her first full collection, In the Kingdom of Shadows, was published the same year by Live Canon. Sue’s poems have appeared in a wide range of publications including The North, Mslexia, Magma, French Literary Review, Under the Radar, Strix, Tears in the Fence, The Interpreter’s House, The Ekphrastic Review, Lighthouse and Poetry News.   She has featured in themed anthologies with poems on science fiction, modern Gothic, illness, Britishness, endangered birds, WWI and the current pandemic.  Her latest pamphlet, The Saltwater Diaries, (Hedgehog Poetry Press 2020) was published this Autumn.

Mbizo CHIRASHA( Time of the Poet Republic Curator)   Author of a Letter to the President. co-Authored Whispering Woes of Ganges and Zambezi. Co-Edited Street Voices Poetry Collection (Germany Africa Poetry Anthology). Co- Editor of the Corpses of Unity Anthology.  Associate Editor at  Diasporia(n) online. Chief Editor at Time of the Poet Republic. Founding Editor at WomaWords Literary Press. Publisher at Brave Voices Poetry journal.  Curator at Africa Writers Caravan. UNESCO-RILA Affiliate Artist at University of Glasgow. 2020 Poet in Residence Fictional Café. 2019 African Fellow, IHRAF.ORG. Project Curator and Co-Editor of the Second Name of Earth is Peace (Poetry Voices Against WAR Anthology). Contributing Essayist to Monk Arts and Soul Magazine.  Poetry and writtings appear in  FemAsia Magazine ,Wrath -Bearing Tree, Inksweat andtears journal , One Ghana One Magazine, Ofi Press, World Poetry Almanac, Demer Press , Atunis Galaxy poetry online , IHRAF Publishes , The Poet a Day , Bezine.Com , Sentinel UK, Oxford School of Poetry Pamphlet , Africa Crayons, PulpitMagazine,Poetry Pacific, Zimbolicious , Best New Poets ,Poetry Bulawayo , Gramnet webjournal, Diogen Plus , , Festival de Poesia Medellin and elsewhere .

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