Nancy Ndeke



Possessed with ideals of perfection,

Shapes and sizes telling beauty,

Skin tones and heights,

Pedigrees rules the mortal man,

Dare you a scar acquire,

Or bent of back in need of wheels,

Masses stare in disbelief,

Love may well take a back seat,

Or all together commit you into hiding,

As if you planned a defect,

As if you invited a malady,

Not even age is spared,

It has to be ferried to a ‘home’ away from home,

Cultures and curses like vultures,

Justifying the oddity of inflicting pain on the already pained,

That a mental disorder is shame,

That a crooked limb is a sham,

That a debilitating ordeal with epilepsy is anathema,

Autism must be left at charitable homes,

The body may suffer hardship for sure,

But what of a mind whole and willing to combat,

Will you give it a chance to thrive?

The body may encounter a defect at birth,

And stare unrecognizing of it’s environs,

Did you check the soul to see an artist gifted?

The body may break and turn on its own,

Blazing the torments of weather in an unhinged state,

Did you ply the depths of those thoughts,

To help the sufferer break from the illusion?

Often not, for by social training,

We embraced norms that are abnormal,

To tag and blame a victim twice with malicious labeling,

To run from what we don’t understand,

To refuse to see the humanity of the weak and afflicted,

Damning them accursed and an embarrassment,

Yet, in this life and all its accompanying glories,

Health is a chance as time is an illusion,

Wealth is trade for the senses and rich with pretense,

Abled of body is purely by a hand unseen,

If you chose your parentage then you could also chose your location of birth,

If you are that perfect a being to trash those abled DIFFERENTLY,

You fault a force beyond you.

I’m possible not impossible in all the negatives in your marking scheme.

To be human truly calls for deleting of the bigotry of judging,

Which falls into bullying one completely without fault,

Except a visitation by fate behold his best wishes.

Life is more than the physical form,

Life is divine even in assumed deformity,

And perfection is as delusional as the judges who dare to fault life.

Embrace all,

Tomorrow is not yours but belongs to children,

And the ones who you so brand maybe your household guests tomorrow.

Karma never goes to sleep.

Spread love and humbled appreciation to life.

No one chose whom and how they are.

Nancy Ndeke is a multi-genre writer. She writes poetry, hybrid essays, reviews, commentary and memoir. Ndeke  is widely published with four collection of her full writings Soliama Legacy, Lola- Logue , Musical Poesy  and May the Force be With you. She has recently  collaborated with a Scotland-based Writer  and Musical Artist,  Dr. Gameli Tordzro of Glasgow University on the Poetry Collection Mazungumzo ya Shairi, and  also  co-authored the poetry anthology , I was lost but now am found with USA Poet Renee Drummond  -Brown . She contributes her writings to the Atunis  Galaxy Poetry ( Belgium), TUJIPANGE AFRICA( Kenya, USA), Ramingo Porch, Africa Writers Caravan , WOMAWORD Literary Press, BeZine  for Arts and Humanities( USA), Andinkra Links 5,  Wild Fire Publication, Williwash Press, The poet by day webzine, Writers Escape at Poetry, Different Truths, ARCS PROSE POETRY. Nancy Ndeke  also works as a literary arts consultant, copyeditor and  Writers’ Clinics Moderator.


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