Saraswoti Lamichhane

sarah swoti

good-bye home town

above the rich crops of the valley

paddy, maize, millet, green, greener, grey

I fly away from my center, to the edge, farther and farther away

silence brings me back to my senses

my laughter-lit Cindrella hours are over

the hills that guard the valley fade dim

soon they soften my memories

this moment shall become a dream tomorrow

history when I visit here next

tangled:  every twist and turn of this bond

once the ties that dig deep are cut

I shall set myself free like a bird

in the space,

I shall belong here, there and everywhere

October walks

a sudden gust peels

the scarf of autumn

away from its twigs

troops upon troops

swarm by




in the theatre of time

on the ramps of thrills

you landed


not to the gravity

but on my arms

your darkening edges

curl slowly

bit by bit

to the core

death disguised in colors

works heavily on your palm

makes you swaddle to the vein

like a newborn

seeking for warmth

to you little leaf

death, but a flight

landing weightlessly

from the twigs to my arms

Saraswoti Lamichhane comes from St. Albert. She is a mother of two happy daughters. She is a life celebrator and loves exploring beyond her world. At the age of twenty-four she decided to transplant her life from Nepal to Canada. She claims to have nature as her second mother. She loves wandering around the open space with her camera gears. She is an optimist and a continuous spiritual learner. Her poems have been published in a few journals & anthologies across the globe.


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