Samuella Conteh is a highly spirited literary voice in Africa . She is a well-polished gem and creative representative of her great land of Sierra-Leone. Conteh has grown from being a human rights activist into a globally respected and powerful literary voice. She has taken activism, truth and advocacy onto the page for purposes of freeing humanity through the word.  And as you know  in the beginning was the word. Amazingly, the Conteh is both a spoken -word artist and a page poet. Her writings are dipped in misery, dishonesty , betrayals ,negating  personal experiences .Her versifications are mirrors exposing  hypocrisy ,  life realities   and complexities and hardships humanity face  in the daily lives   .The griot in her sanitizes the corrupt –ridden earth with truth. Most of her writings boldly voice for human freedoms, human rights, social justice and freedom of expression. The earth – shaking rhythm, the lyrical prowess and reason are a testimony of her literary greatness. Prolific is her first name, dexterity is her identity and truth is her surname. Conteh is a widely published and multi-award-winning author. TIME OF THE POET REPUBLIC is dipped in diversity of ideas, dialogue among civilizations, togetherness, networking and connectivity among communities.  We are grateful to exhibit the extraordinaire talent in the person of high ranking human rights activist, acclaimed poet and distinguished literary arts curator, SAMUELLAH CONTEH – (Blurb by Mbizo CHIRASHA)

When The Sparrow Sings

subdued for far too long

in a cage of insecurities

stalled in tethered freedoms

justice played like checkers

at noose end, equality dangles

stalked and sniffed at every turn

till the sparrow finds his voice

it matters not the colour

of the hand, knee or foot

that’s pressing a man down

unclothing his dignity to nudity

when he breaks out of his fears

and the sparrow begins to sing

melancholic clangs of pain

fuelled by years of subjugation

he needs to sing a freedom song

so he spills seeds of frustration

watered by his tears and blood

and they sprout into resistance

oh God, when that sparrow sings!

  1. Between Us and Them

Between us and them

Runs the thinnest line

Before you stop to ask

Let me

Who are us and them?

Even I don’t think I know

But the line, I know is there


Us could be them or they be us

Only matters where you stand

But the thinnest line, I know

Is there

In just a twist or flap of wind

We or they, the line may cross

That thinnest line of lines

And then

It’ll still be between us and them

  • Africa Bleeds

Black blood oozes from her sore ridden body

Poisoned by decades of heartless betrayals

By offspring that suck her nutrients dry

Recklessly extinguishing her sparkle and glow

Gluttons take the reins and ruin the masses

Like cheese, their promises are eaten by amnesia

And they belch terror on the powerless folks

Widening the chasm between the classes

Eyes blinded by lies spilled by their cronies

Gleefully scheming for their own benefits

Like Oliver Twist, they always ask for more

Till insatiable hunger strips them naked

Sounds of enough is not enough

To arouse them to simmering discontent

Fermenting, smelling like rotten onions

In foolhardiness, they smell hamburgers

 They sleep deep but wake to buzzing bees

Then they reach for their knuckle heads

Yoyos adorned in blue and trigger crazy

Armed to shoot, even when leaves shake

Images and sounds of godforsaken wars

Trashed into the dumpsite of their minds

Causes and consequences buried underfoot

Meanwhile, silent voices holler louder, until

Women Like Us

Women like us…

Who salt their dough with tears of anguish

On gritted teeth, they’re hauled into the furnace

To chew the hardest crust through the years

Their blistered tongues hold a sad tale or two

Women like us…

Who plant seeds of hope on parched fields

And pray for respite in the droughts of March

Toiling from sunrise to its setting in emptiness

Yet harvest time find them rotting in lack

Women like us…

Whose bare feet beat the path to the stream

Yet, evening find them fanning dying embers

Hoping tomorrow’s light will lure fish to their nets

On long necks, they eat aroma from another’s kitchen

Women like us…

Like slaves, they squirm under the branding iron

Which label them cursed for joys they cannot share

Extracting their teeth of happiness to kill their mirth

So they learn to flash tight-lipped smiles in the day

It’s women like us who float on life’s torrents

Chew sawdust, yet pick their teeth like they’ve had meat

They bend over to bear the brunt of love and life

Yet they shake of taunts to steady their crowns

Samuella J. Conteh is a contemporary poet from Sierra Leone .Her poems have been widely featured in dozens of international anthologies. Her writing is greatly influenced by nature, human stories and everyday events in and out of Africa that anyone can easily resonate with.  She is passionate about respect for human rights and dignities for all peoples and her work with the National Human Rights Institution of Sierra Leone, gives her the opportunity to join the rising clamour for the protection and promotion of human rights, especially for women and girls, people living with disability and the aged.  Samuella uses her poetry to preach peace and unity in the hope that humankind would put on lenses without colors, respect the rights of others and also to raise awareness among vulnerable groups such as the girl-child and youths.   Her poems are also laden with messages of hope, resilience and self-improvement. She is the author of two collections of poetry: “Love Colours” and “Unsung Songs”.  She is currently working on her third, which will hit Amazon and other bookstores soon.

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Mbizo CHIRASHA – UNESCO-RILA Affiliate Artist. 2020 Free Speech Fellow at PEN Deutschland.2020 Poet in Residence of the Fictional Café . 2019 African Fellow of the Writer at Monk Arts and Soul Magazine . Literary Arts Activism Diplomatie at Bezine Arts and Humanities Magazine and The Poet A Day. Featured Poetry Artist at WorlBeyondWar.Org. Arts Features and Political commentary Writer at Cultural Weekly. Featured African Writer at Demer Press International Poetry Series . Featured African Performance Poet at 2020 Medellin International Poetry Festival. Featured Poet/Writer at INKSWEATAND TEARS Journal, Sentinel UK , Wrath-bearing Tree- USA , FemAsia Magazine -UK. Soutrhern Africa Poet  at 2020Festival Internacional de Poesía de Medellín.2019 Live Literature Hub Curator/Producer at Sotambe International Film Arts FESTIVAL. 2009 Poet in Residence at International Africa Culture and Development, ICACD). 2003 Young Literary Arts Delegate of ZimBookFair to Goteborg International Book Fair and was  the Spokenword Artist at SIDA African Pavilion . Co-Editor of a three Languages International collection STREET VOICES with prominent Germany Author Andreas Weiland . Featured Poet at Cervena Barva Press Newsletter. Literary Arts and Poetry Contributor to the Zimbabwean Voice of the Voiceless Newspaper. African Participant to the World Poetry Almanac Book Series in Mongolia. Resident Coordinator for 100 Thousand POETS for Peace- Zimbabwe. Founder and Creative Director at GirlChildcreativity Project . Writer in Residence. Global LITERARY Arts Projects Influencer. Published Author and International Acclaimed Poet. Chronicler and Publisher , AFRICA WRITERS CARAVAN. Chief Editor at TIME OF THE POET REPUBLIC. Projects Curator at WOMAWORDS LITERARY PRESSChief Influencer at Brave Voices Poetry JournalAuthor and Editor at Porcupine Quill.

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