Diwali is the Indian puja with oil lamps burning luminous at dusk
Fireworks burst, color paint the sky with dreams for tomorrows

Joy, hope, children and families feast and dance everywhere
Singing boisterous mantras for happiness

Crowds of flames leaping higher opening heaven’s gates
Inviting the Goddess of Diwali to homes made sparkling for her

Darkness and dust drown in fireworks, laughter
Peoples endless chanting of prayers beacon through darkness

Garlands of lights point to doors ajar and waiting
And my Laxmi comes homes bearing blessings for another Dasara.

Lakshmi Kern Devadass is a passionate Bharathanatyam dancer from
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, South India. Originally from Coimbatore, she
currently lives in Muri bei Bern in Switzerland.

A founder member of the Writers’ Group Berne, Lakshmi has published
poems with the Writers’ Works Berne and The Geneva Writers Group, among
other publications. She writes poetry and freelance non-fiction.

Besides performing Bharatha Natyam, South Indian classical dance,
Lakshmi conducts Bharatha Natyam classes in Bern.

Lakshmi loves travelling, exploring new places, hiking, balcony
gardening and cooking.

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