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FRANCISCA MANDEYA affectionately known as Franzi also Ndaiziweyi, was born in Wedza, Zimbabwe .Mandeya lives in Nunavut in the Canadian Arctic.Mandeya is a resilient and multi- gifted personality.Ndaiziweyi is a one of the victims that suffered the brunt of Zimbabwe’s economic woes of hyperinflation , retrenchments and untold moral decadence before relocating into the diaspora to join a human rights , social justice and peace-building organization as well as advancing her writing , artistry , music and advocacy for gender equity . Mandeya contributed two chapters to books by Dr. David Kaulem with opinion articles that were published in Zimbabwean newspapers and journals. Mandeya is a double winner of the Nunavut Qulliit Status of Women gender equality competition held in 2015. Trailblazing Mandeya was recognized as one of (57) mobilizers for gender equality .She represented Canada at the Women Deliver 2019 Vancouver Conference. ‘Mother Behold Thy Son‘ is her first book offing . Mandeya plays Mbira(thumb piano) and speaks highly of its therapeutic quality .Her writings and music is meant to transform undesired social, economic and political realities. She bringing together a scorcher(book) on gender equality Takaenzana, We are Equal.

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Francisca Mandeya believes in Maternal Power—in the sacred bond created when a child begins her/his mesmerizing journey mother’s womb, intricately bound by a connection even stronger than the umbilical cord.  From the pain of experiencing inequality right from birth— her indigenous name Ndaiziweyi was undocumented by the government—she began a lifelong commitment to practicing gender equality in her home. (Indeed, her song, “Takaenzana/We Are Equal” is on the 2010 album she recorded with her children and used by the Africa Outreach USA Foundation.) Mandeya is convinced that the untapped potential of maternal power is a transformational force in the struggle for gender equality. In Mother, Behold Thy Son(book), she takes readers onto and inside her most personal experiences to demonstrate how mothers can use storytelling—coupled with their innate maternal power—to not just help their sons to reject toxic masculinity but also to model how their daughters can become authentic equals. Proclaiming that “vulnerable is the new strong”, Mandeya believes that acknowledging vulnerability, insisting on visibility, and modeling authenticity are key steps to take on the healing path leading to an end of suffering in our lives.  In addition to sharing her powerful story of awakening and transformation—from her native Zimbabwe to her home in the Canadian Arctic—she guides readers through simple actions steps designed to make the world more equitable.  Mother, Behold Thy Son is a book for anyone ready to take action to achieve radical transformation in their lives, communities and the world.   “Any situation in which some [people] prevent others from engaging in the process of inquiry is one of violence…to alienate humans from their own decision-making is to change them into objects.” —Paulo Freire, Pedagogy of The Oppressed .  In Mother Behold Thy Son, Francisca Mandeya sets out to dismantle the patriarchal instruments that tried to hold her family hostage from achieving her greatest dreams. It’s an intensely personal manifesto whose courage shines through every page.”  —Heather Greenwood Davis, columnist The Globe and Mail    As a mother, teacher, and survivor, Francisca Mandeya’s compassionate wisdom reaches to the root of why society’s gender wars still rage… Her courageous… account of raising a son reveals a deeper truth about the wounding to which young boys are subjected. Reading this book brings me hope. —Lauren Walsh, founder and CEO, Global Sisterhood Mother, Behold Thy Son vividly demonstrates how the home can be the foundation of not just a society where girls have an equal voice, but also where boys—unbound by the chains of patriarchy—are at last able to thrive. —Habiba Cooper Diallo, award-winning author, founder of Women’s Health Organization International 

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Francisca Mandeya is a Canadian Resident living in Nunavut, a Mother, Author, Artivist, Certified Solution Focused Coach ,Transformational Speaker and Mbira Player.Mandeya is passionate about equality of all beings and has impacted over 500 000 people through her social justice work in Africa and Canada. She is the double winner of the Nunavut Qulliit Status of Women Gender Equality Awards in 2015. She has strengthened the capacity of over 50 Non Governmental organizations to deliver transformative development results under the theme “Education for Liberation”, in Africa, Bolivia, Columbia and Nicaragua. Chosen as one of 57 Canadian Mobilizers who received bursaries to attend Women Deliver 2019, the biggest gender equality conference in the world. Her first solo book, an Amazon International Best Seller in motherhood and gender studies categories “Mother Behold Thy Son”, was published in October 2019. Mandeya believes that gender equality is not only empowering girls women but liberating boys and men from patriarchy. She has successfully localised SDG 5 Gender equality by bringing it into homes, teaching locally impacting globally. Mandeya is now an expert for Essential Baby, Australia’s biggest online parenting magazine and has spoken to various audiences on various platforms that include Ticker TV Australia, Ndini Media, My Heart Remembers Podcast, CBC North, CBC Winnipeg, CBC North Television in Iqaluit, Inukshuk High School, Black History Month, Family Day rally, leadership meetings and cultural performances in Africa and Canada.

From Zimbabwe to Iqaluit: an artivist's story | CBC Radio


New UNESCO RILA Affiliate Artist: Mbizo Chirasha | Glasgow Refugee Asylum  and Migration Network (GRAMNet)

Author of a Letter to the President (Zimbabwe) Co-Author of Metaphors
of the Rainbow (Malawi). Co-Author of Whispering Woes of Ganges and
Zambezi (India, USA). Co-Editor of SecondNameofEarthisPEACE
(, USA).African Contributor Poet /Essayist at Monk Arts and Soul Magazine
(UK). DitchPoetry( Alberta University,Creative Writing ,Canada).
Poetry Potion( Canada). FullofCrow(Canada). Scarlet Leaf( Canada).
PoetrySoup( USA).
  Atunis Galatica( edited Agron Shele, Belgium). BlackWell
PoetryPamplhet (Oxford School of Poetry, UK). Litnet ( South Africa) .
OfiPress( Mexico City). FemAsiaMagazine (UK). InkSweatandTears (UK).
Squackback (USA).The Poet a Day Zine (founded by the late Maestro G
Jamie Dedes, Brooklyn, and USA). DemerPress International Poetry
Series (curated and edited by Hannie Rouweler, Netherlands). World
Poetry Almanac Series( Curated and Edited by Hadaa Sendoo, Mongloia).
Poesi. Is Journal (edited by Peter Semolic, Slovenia). Festival de
Poesia de Medellin (founded and directed by Fernando Rendon,
Colombia).DIOGEN Magazine (Turkey). RuckSackPatchPoetry, Voices of
Diversity (Passion for Poetry, curated by Antje Sehn, Italy). Cultural
Weekly ( International Space,USA) . Zimbabwean (published Wilf Mbanga,
UK) .WordCity monthly (curated and edited by Darcie Friesen Hossack,
International). IHRAF Publishes (founded by Thomas Block, NewYork,
USA). Diasporan Online (founded and edited by Lola Thomas, Spain) .New
Best African Poets (curated and edited by Tendai Rinos Mwanaka,
Zimbabwe) and more.

Francisca Mandeya (@franmandeya) | Twitter

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