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JAMBIYA KAI is an undeletable and powerful South African Voice. Her diligently woven multi-genre/hybrid writings are unmatchable . Her poetry is marrow-tight revolutionary. Short stories are broken denims of sisal and torn cotton garments artistically knitted together to evoke our psychical pots with that rarity of mind-storming suspense and heart-stroking imagination. Jambiya writes hybrid essays that are tucked in straight uniforms of naked truth . Her metaphors rebukes political thuggery , economic thievery , social rot and moral decadence . Bullets from her pen slice open corrupt double-bellies of injustice and tyranny-busting saliva of her ink strangle to death devil-angels of dictatorship in Africa and abroad . Her poetry is life , tolerance and freedom, rot , decay , scars rolled in paradoxical imboza. In this mind -jamming instalment , TIME OF THE POET REPUBLIC feature an amazing set of poems by a long serving , resilient member , literary arts revolutionary and revered of the land JAMBIYA KAI . Happy 2021. Together We Rise –( Blurb by Mbizo CHIRASHA) .

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GrandMasters of the Round Table

Anxiety scuttling to and fro,

Stuck inside a web of angst.

Zugzwang stings, panic and pain parachutes with precision, 

stress contorted in flight –

like a flying trapeze display – lub dub, lub dub, lublubdubdub…..duuuuuhhhhhhhh!

Sqealing flatline.

Fear rises in our throats, 

we binge on bile soaked bread,

Can’t breathe, can’t breath, 

strangled in covid brilliance. 

Green men laughing their assets off;

free men of the round table doubled over in greed and glee

Clucluclucluclu… Clucking like fat pharaohs spewing spandemics upon the unsuspecting. 

Death imminent and grossly misplaced, 

an eradication of beastly proportions. 

Excalibur at the jugular of the caved, 

slicing away thought and ponder.

Puppeteers and pawns. 

Your move; wait – hold on – consider the end – 

heart pounding – erratic foot taps – knee jerks

Eyes gouging yours, decay stimulating fear, 

obstructing relationships –

clouding the air

undermining your mental genius.

fright, flight – fight each other

Knight after knight – Sweat…. Swear….

Pawns fall. Bishops tumble. 

Breathe breathe – can’t breathe

Who can determine the outcome

move – move; move forward

Fear paralyses your fingers

Sucks up your brilliance. 

the elephant in the room

The third eye that twinkles in devilish amusement. 

Your breath on pause. 

His move. 

Rook and Queen 


Where is Bobby Fisher when one needs him, 

‘I don’t believe in psychology. I believe in good moves’. 

Who knew the outcome. 

New game.

Look the elephant in the eye.

Your move. 

Play wisely

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He Couldn’t Breathe

Fear fluttered behind drooping lids

Like a pigeon begging for a crummy morsel. 

The grey valley was shortlived though. 

Suns rose, moons and Galaxies bowed, 

Swept up into unfaded fields of golden corn, 

The evanescence of the earthen vessel

springing to life eternal. 

My swelling tears dropped like obsidian rock

into wells of retching pain, 

Sudden death bloating my core


“Daddy don’t go…. Please don’t go”.

His shaking hand cupped my crumbling face, 

then fell away, into the unknown. 

A songbird rattled my vision as a quivering sigh escaped trembling lips. 

23 years forward and heavy still is the rock inside my chest.

shrouded by echoes of a rich tenor playing his magical accordion, 

rich reeds stirring me back to a life where I mourn to once again as I did a child,

lounge inside the room of tinkling keys.

Daddy, I miss you.

I want to make you proud. 

I long to sit beside you now more than ever before. 

I need you like water in arid land. 

Like a candle needs a flame. 

I miss you. 

(c) Jambiya Kai

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A Monarch’s Migration

I met a Dutch lepidopterist

who introduced me to Melissa Blue –

beautifully cloaked in sartorial splendour and gracefully adorned in ribbons of silver.

We shared shots of milkweed and clover over titillating chuckles and chortles.

I fell in love at first glance

But hers was a life short-lived and the milkweed shots did not help much either; forgetting neither that glass museums are for ephemeral souls,

not for militant Monarchs –

I smile with Melissa on my mind;

Albeit that my pulse now beat for the Amstel breeze.

Alas! I am he who cannot be bought nor bound for I am a Black Veined Brown,

a Wanderer for whom time means all things and for the while I have,

And in this space of life,

my heart must flutter free.

(C) Jambiya Kai

Jambiya Ka(official name, Beulah Kleinveldt) is an emotive South African Short Story Songstress and Prose Poet.  Her writing formula is fairly consistent – driven by raconteurs who challenge unjust systems and explore the intricacies of relationships and shifting identities.  She authentically weaves the tragedy and victory of the human experience into a tapestry of memorable imagery and metaphor. As Beulah Kleinveldt she has written and produced 7 musical theatre dramas for The Western Cape Provincial Governments MOD Program; written and recorded countless songs and featured on numerous music recording projects.  Many of her literary and musical works and affiliations are awash online.

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

Publisher and Curator at TIME OF THE POET REPUBLIC Digital Writers
Center (Mbizo CHIRASHA).

UNESCO -RILA Affiliate Artist (Glasgow,
Scotland) ( Africa OutReach Coordinator
( 2019 African Fellow for the International Human Rights
Art Festival( ) .Resident
Coordinator of All Africa Poetry Symposium( Co-Team Member
and Poetry Arts Activist at BeZine Arts and Humanities Magazine
(USA) ( 2020 Freedom of
Speech/Literary Arts Activism Culture Fellow at PEN-Zentrum
Deutschland, (Germany). Co-Editor of Street Voices Volume7 (with
Andreas Weiland, German, English). Poet in Residence at the Fictional
Cafe, (USA) (…).
Founder and Creative Director of GirlChildCreativityProject,
GirlChildTalent Festival and Young Writers Caravan (Zimbabwe).2019 SotambeFestival Live Literature Hub/Word FringeProducer (Kitwe,
Zambia). 2015 Artist in Residence at Shungunamutitima Film and Arts
Festival (Livingstone, Zambia). 2011 International Poetry Day Guest
Reading (USA Embassy Cultural Events, Harare). 2003 Young Writers
Delegate to the GoterborgIntermatinal Book Fair (Sida Diplomatic
Luncheon, Swedish Writers Union, Sida Africa Pavilion and Nordic
African Institute, Sweden). 2009 Poet in Residence of International
African Culture and Development,ICACD( Accra, Ghana). 2009
Writer/Publisher Fellow to the Inaugural UNESCO Photo Novel Intensive
Training (Tanzania) 2007 Special Poetry Artist of Zimbabwe Travel Expo
(Tourism Authority, Zimbabwe).2006 United Nations Day Poet (Tribute to
Kofi Annan, UN Mission Zimbabwe).

Image may contain: one or more people, text that says 'Shader Sealet Sin crushed her bones but pardon spoke more harshly than her shame Jambiya Kai A life-changing Memoir'

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