bernard okurut

 A bird in exile.
 Here I am lonely bird,
 Flying from tree to tree
 With no place to call my own.
 Here I am lonely star shining on 
 A moonless night.
 Here I am-dead river,
 Flowing without end
 Carrying nothing but dead remains!
 Hear I stand,
  Hopelessly in the middle of nowhere.
 Am over fed with hunger,
 Am over drunk with anger,
 Forgotten, hated, and slandered.
 They have turned
  My victory song into a dirge,
 And replaced the rhythm
 With melancholy.
 They no longer sing my praises
 But talk ill of the good works
 My hands have done!
 Am a war hero, now forgotten.
 They now talk ill of me as a villain,
 They slander me.
 And awaken anger.
 In people’s hearts.
 They have destroyed all my cities
  And hold my family captive.
 Now here I am lonely bird, 
 Flying from tree to tree,
 With no place to rest my
  Snow frozen feet.

 Africa, my Afrika.
                                        A land where poetry 
            Is spoken from sunset to sundown.
  A place where drums tell tales of the past
    While the stars, moon and the royal sun,
       Whisper love in the changing seasons.
     A place to call home, to sit, hold a pen
           And let my hands write my heart out
           In one lovely poem, Africa my Afrika. 

Bernard  Gabriel  Okurut  a.k.a  Blacfut Oracle is a young Ugadan poet, singer, songwriter, freelance journalist and literally activist. He is the author of  the ‘Noisy Silence’ a Ugandan poetry anthology published on He is a student of English  language and literature at Kyambogo University, Kampala Uganda. Okurut is the founder of  ’Psychic Poetry’’ a young poets student movement based in East Africa. Born and raised in a family of teachers, he started reading and writing poetry at an early age. His unique wit and pun makes him one of the most  phenomenal young Ugandan writer.

Follow him on,

Email ; bernard

And on all social media platforms at Bernard Gabriel  Okurut.

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