I had a country.
 They took it away.
 They did not ask for permission.
 The very same people who
 want to establish
 customs zones,
 introduce joint parliament sitting
 and start to exchange war criminals.
 The very same
 who caused the trouble in the first place.
 I can only say
 one word
 One day you will realise
 PEOPLE lived there for generations
 and not… NO, DON’T SHOOT!!  
 I stepped/entered
 into backyard/patio
 had coffee/Turkish coffee/espresso
 with my neighbour/fellow citizen.
 I took a pistol/revolver
 shot myself/put a bullet
 through my head!?
 Language does not fire bullets
 however the words you use can end your life.   

 Envy and malice
 feed on
 my mistakes.
 I try to understand
 what they are
 painlessly looking for
 the collectiveness
 of my  being.
 I don’t understand
 that without pain
 there is no life
 let alone…..
 Dismal image
 of my own imprint in time
 that’s real
 inside  the vision that-  isn’t,
 is desperately in search for
 Her !
 Queen Elizabeth,
 Chatherine, Nikolajevna,
 Princess Dianna,
 Disappear in front of the eyes
 of wild hordes.
 I remain alone
 trembling with trepidation
 trying to figure out
 what is it that they want.
 Virtual reality of a surreal film-world
 is nothing more than
 a treacherous impersonation of a real world
 that deceives me
 a Servile Servant !
 She’s gone !
 Will she ever come back ?
 The question is swept by the wind.
 I’ll wait for the storm to calm
 and try to catch the mistral wind to find a cove,
 and search for the place where I met her.
 Barefoot and naked.
 Back in the day.
 On the stage !
 Hands buried in sand
 Blood stained hands.
 I try to reach the bottom of the sand pit
 digging deep,
 feeling pain.….
 Two blue eyes
 deep dive
 towards you.
 Blood shot eyes.
 Carried on the wave of desperate tears,
 I try to catch a glimpse of you,
 you disappeared behind a horizon.
 Alas !
 You drew near, furtively
 and embraced
 The World !

Sabahudin Hadžialić was born in 1960, in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Today he lives in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He is a professor, scientist, writer, poet, journalist, and editor. He wrote 26 books (poetry, prose, essays as well as textbooks for the Universities in BiH and abroad) and his art and scientific work is translated in 25 world languages  He published books in BiH, Serbia, France, Switzerland, USA and Italy. He participates within EU project funds and he is a member of Scientific boards of Journals in Poland, India and USA. Also, he is a regular columnists & essayist, since 2014, of Eurasia Review, think tank and journal of news&analysis from USA. Since 2009 he is co-owner and Editor in chief of DIOGEN pro culture – magazine for, culture, art, education and science from USA. He is a member of major association of writers in BiH, Serbia and Montenegro as well as Foundations and Associations worldwide. As professor he was teaching and still does at the Universities in BiH, Italy, Lithuania and Poland.

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