I went outside
 after the rain, 
 into the late afternoon sun.
 The robins hallooed hosannas
 from the cherry tree
 and the iris stuck up their razored snouts
 and hollered
 and two new daffodils, split open into the sun
 stretched themselves
 and the light came up, 
 from over the edge of fat purple-blue clouds
 and lit me up 
 like fireworks, like the red pine tree bark,
 burnished with sun,
 like the small fir tree, 
 newly arrived on this earth
 leaping up and up
 just like my heart.

(Ktunaxa ?amak’is – “The People’s Land”) Luanne Armstrong holds a Ph.D in Education and an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia.  She has written twenty- three books, and has co-written or edited many other books through to publication. She has published several novels, children’s books, memoir and books of essays, as well as poetry.

             She mentors emerging writers both online and in person. She presently mentors two writing groups in Creston BC. Most recently, she had edited through to publication a book by Ellen Burt, of Nelson BC. Previous to that, she has helped many many authors to either self-publish or find a publisher. One of her most notable editing projects was The Yaqan Nukiy, with Chief (Nasookin) Chris Luke, Senior, of the Yaqan Nukiy Lower Kootenay Band of the Ktunaxa Nation.

            Her newest project is a poetry and photography book and multi-media presentations, titled, When We Are Broken: The Lake Elegy, from Maa Press. Her most recent novel is A Bright and Steady Flame, from Caitlin Press, 2018. Her new book of essays is Going to Ground: Being in Place. A new YA book is also in process.

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