Fagbemi Jesulayomi

A Ray Of Hope 
 What a glimmering gloomy day!
 Full of fiery fears and hopelessness_
 Will it ever get better?
 ‘Cause it doesn’t seem like it.
 It seems to look the same_
 Same obscurity everyday,
 With not a ray of light–
 To brighten my day.
 Days are meant to be bright_
 Why the gloom?
 I can’t fathom the cause
 Of the misery
 Making everything look hopeless.
 Can’t say why it looks so dark.
 Will it ever get brighter?
 Will there ever be a ray of light_
 To illuminate and give hope again?
 Nevertheless- I believe light will come_
 I will just have to hold on.
 Though it wouldn’t be easy,
 But there will be light for the day–
 To give me back my hope again.
 No matter how cloudy or gloomy the sky may be,
 There’s hope for a clear and brighter day_
 Lightened by even just a ray of sunlight.
 Yes, your gloom can get brighter too.
 And yes, there is hope for you!
 Though it may be dark_
 Yet again I say,
 Trust and believe in God.
 Change is on the way!

Fagbemi Jesulayomi Abigail whose pen name is Layomi, is a native of Yoruba from Kwara State, Nigeria. She is a poet and a certified story writer and content creator who is presently studying Home Economics at the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria- Kaduna, Nigeria.

She presently works as a salesclerk and has a notable passion for writing and art in general.

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