Love is in the air  
 and I say love with cheese...  
 gruyère and emmenthal  
 brie, parmeggiano  
 crocks for the oven, red and gray  
 a bag of onions and bay leaves plucked 
 from nanna's garden last summer 
 a half-baked baguette  
 and chicken stock & thyme  
 and while you're on the slopes  
 I play my music—the same song  
 over and again but you're not here  
 so it won't drive you crazy 
 and as the soup simmers  
 and I brown the bread and grate the cheese 
 you come in 
 smelling of the mountain  
 you perch on the countertop
 and tell me about the lessons 
 you gave today  
 and I feel like a mom again  
 and in this delicious moment 
 love is in the air 
 Josephine LoRe 

a pearl in this diamond world … Josephine LoRe has published two collections:  ‘Unity’ and the Calgary Herald Bestseller ‘The Cowichan Series’.  Her words have been read on stage, put to music, danced to, and integrated into visual art.  They appear in anthologies and literary journals across nine countries. 

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