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Mine is not Arts for the sake of Arts. It is a revolutionary INSGINA carved into the artistic plaque of my DNA to speak FREEDOM of expression and then freedom after EXPRESSION. The footprints of my revolutionary walk are dipped in the paths of RESISTANCE.  My Ideological Swag -word is CREATIVITY. My spiritual birth mark is RESILIENCE. My revolutionary slogan is a nonviolent but a poetic fist of MASS INSTRUCTION. I am non-selfish believer. I adore to take on head bashing  challenges head on. I value  brew and  experiment positively   with ideas and there- after bring contentment to humanity. My triplet principles are INCLUSIVITY, DIVERSITY and EXCLUSIVITY. I write for the demoralized and dehumanized  to awaken their mental eyes to see candle lights of FREEDOM and like wise to realise that their ballot casts  are used fatten political hyenas and insatiable tyrannical systems in corrupt stinking corridors of power -through  my  insight- ful-torch bearing  hybrid  memoirs,  peasant hoe hardened skull grazing poetic verses, rhythm creamed short fiction mind raving  book reviews and nerve grinding political commentary.I chant RESISTANCE with my pen of DEFIANCE.   I roast dictatorial regimes  with metaphoric acid and disinfect our earth from cantankerous political fungi with ironic calamine lotion. I am a prophet baptizing unrepentant corruption fat cats with acidic spit of pen.   The bullets of my pen dig the truth hidden in the potbellies of propaganda zealots, extortion itching double chins of political pundits, fake election manifestos of revolutionary rejects and sloganeering palms of ideological imbeciles drunk with illicit propaganda cocaine.

SECOND NAME OF EARTH IS PEACE : a book of antiwar poetry from around the world

A new book has been published by World BEYOND War called Second Name of Earth Is Peace, edited by Mbizo Chirasha and David Swanson, and including the work of 65 poets (including Chirasha) from Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Botswana, Cameroon, Canada, France, India, Iraq, Israel, Kenya, Liberia, Malaysia, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Uganda, United Kingdom, United States, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

An excerpt from the introduction by David Swanson:

“The poets in this book are from many corners of the globe, a lot of them from places with wars. What does it feel like to be ‘collateral damage’? Does the violence the world gives you surge past the poverty the world gives you in your list of immediate obsessions, does the violence of war differ from the violence that follows wherever war has been, does the hatred needed for war dissipate faster than the chemicals and radiation, or is it redirected less gruesomely than the cluster bombs?

“In this book are people who know what war does to the world. They also know and draw references to the popular culture of the places dealing the weaponry and targeting the missiles. They have something to contribute to that culture — an understanding that war is not an institution to tolerate or respect or refine or glorify, but a sickness to despise and abolish.

“Not just abolish. Replace. Replace with compassion, with fellow feeling, with courageous sharing, with a community of peacemakers that is global and intimate, not just honest, not just straight-forward and informed, but inspired and insightful beyond the power of prose or camera. For the pen to have a chance at being mightier than the sword, the poem must be more powerful than the advertisement.”

Pilgrims of Zame: A Collection of Hybrid Narratives by [Mbizo Chirasha]
Pilgrims of Zame: A Collection of Hybrid Narratives 


“I am a child of war, of rain and road” states Mbizo Chirasha in his new collection “Pilgrim of Zame: A Collection of Hybrid Narratives.” Despite boldly speaking about shackles of poverty, political corruption and moral decadence. Chirasha writes about the mystery of Zame focusing on beauty, dance, teachings, rituals, and God of the countries where the ancestral spirits speak. There is joy in his family, but living among a mass exodus of Zimbabwe, has become a way of life, and not easy to witness. He shares narratives about growing up and states one must always speak to preserve the good in his country not the horror. His love for mankind and peace shines above it all in his narratives.

—Gloria Mindock, Cervena Barva Press

Metaphors of the Rainbow: Poetry by [Mbizo Chirasha and James Coburn, Mbizo Chirasha]

Metaphors of the Rainbow: Poetry

As do the souls of Men reflected on their actions and words in this arena of the incessant flow of the River of life that answers to humanity. From the land of the Brave (USA) and other accolades from history, comes James Coburn, a world acclaimed master story teller in verse. From the heart of Africa, the cradle of man, is the great griot black poet Mbizo Chirasha who has remained a fugitive from his home country of Zimbabwe for his courage and bravery in daring to question the leaderships in office about corruption and human rights abuse. What a twosome!!
To read through their incredible book, METAPHORS OF THE RAINBOW, is to be invited to a surgical room where injustice is being addressed by un-apologetic poetic surgeons with no visible anesthesia, with microscopic detail. Sharp metaphors, drilling imageries and the prowess of a river smooth, sure and guaranteed knowledge of its power, delve deep into the social tumors of injustice as it’s stared at and condemned in classical hyperbolic phrases that ring into the readers ears long after putting the book down.

Experience in the field of fighting injustices in human rights related situations, has birthed incredible verses that resonate with each man’s wordsmith excellent recital. That this book is dedicated to world poets of resilience, resistance, human rights crusaders and social justice advocates goes to showcase art rising to the fore of leadership in writing to right the wrongs that plague societies and individuals in our world. Come sample the awesomeness of the rainbow rich in its bitter sweet array of verses.
A must read for all
Nancy Ndeke

Author of A Bridge to a Bridge Through a Bridge

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Mbizo CHIRASHA is the Author of a Letter to the President (Zimbabwe) Co-Author of Metaphors of the Rainbow (Malawi). Co-Author of Whispering Woes of Ganges and Zambezi (India, USA). Co-Editor of SecondNameofEarthisPEACE (, USA).African Contributor Poet /Essayist at Monk Arts and Soul Magazine (UK). DitchPoetry( Alberta University,Creative Writing ,Canada). Poetry Potion( Canada). FullofCrow(Canada). Scarlet Leaf( Canada). PoetrySoup( USA). PoemHunter(USA).OneGhanaOneVoice(Ghana).RhythmInternationalVoices(Canada) Atunis Galatica( edited Agron Shele, Belgium). BlackWell PoetryPamplhet (Oxford School of Poetry, UK). Litnet ( South Africa) . OfiPress( Mexico City). FemAsiaMagazine (UK). InkSweatandTears (UK). Squackback (USA).The Poet a Day Zine (founded by the late Maestro G Jamie Dedes, Brooklyn, and USA). DemerPress International Poetry Series (curated and edited by Hannie Rouweler, Netherlands). World Poetry Almanac Series( Curated and Edited by Hadaa Sendoo, Mongloia). Poesi. Is Journal (edited by Peter Semolic, Slovenia). Festival de Poesia de Medellin (founded and directed by Fernando Rendon, Colombia).DIOGEN Magazine (Turkey). RuckSackPatchPoetry, Voices of Diversity (Passion for Poetry, curated by Antje Sehn, Italy). Cultural Weekly ( International Space,USA) . Zimbabwean (published Wilf Mbanga, UK) .WordCity monthly (curated and edited by Darcie Friesen Hossack, International). IHRAF Publishes (founded by Thomas Block, NewYork, USA). Diasporan Online (founded and edited by Lola Thomas, Spain) .New Best African Poets (curated and edited by Tendai Rinos Mwanaka, Zimbabwe) and more.Mbizo CHIRASHA includes 2020 Festival Readings/ Writers Symposia includes Festival de Poesia de Medellin, (Colombia). University of Glasgow Creative Writing Programme, (Scotland). World Poetry Festival, (USA). IHRAF LIVE, (New York USA). Rucksack Poetry Patch, Voices of Diversity, (Italy and Mexico). International Human Rights Day, IHRAF Arts Concert and Poetry Live Symposia, (New York, USA) .SpokenWordOnline(Paris,France).

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  1. Wonderful works and excellent thoughts are collected and provided in beautiful books. Thanks for sharing it dear Mbizo.


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