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 Nocturnal Inspiration

 White light spires
 glow in magnificence
 from one small candle.
 Flickers of fallout 
 land on my lap
 while writing 
 a brand new poem
 in brilliant quietness.
 One fanciful flame keeps me wakeful
 between the fire and the flash,
 between nightfall and morning.
 The Trucker on the 401
 Roadie in red shirt, black hat, yellow
 teeth and fingers
 rides the lane
 noisy rollicking steamroller
 will not be swayed.
 Sashays down the highway
 flicking sardonic ashes
 under exalted wheels
 with savoir faire.
 Pulls away
 my thoughts    trail
 smoke and exhaust
 rise in chorus
 sing to the cumbrous sawhorse
 cutting up the road.
 In the common calamity of road rage,
 hurled rocks, guns and hunting knives,
 the trucker on the 401
 rolled up
 shirtsleeves and windows
 continues to drive with reckless abandon. 

I.B. (Bunny) Iskov – is the Founder of The Ontario Poetry Society, http://www.theontariopoetrysociety.ca. Bunny has several poetry collections.  Most recently, her work is featured in TAMARACKS Canadian Poetry For The 21st Century, 2018.  Bunny is the recipient of the Absolutely Fabulous Woman Award, 2017.

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