Come, all
Like blacksmiths,
Shall we carve words
Capable of rearing rocks.

Come, all
Like the army
Shall we parade the world
To tell the message of peace

For your children
Shall we parade the world
To tell the message of peace

For your children
Shall we build a world
Made of emerald, devoid of bombings
Racism, extremism, violence

We our children
We shall die like Pythagoras
While preaching our messages
To build a tomorrow of love

We our children
We shall travel
Uncoil every footpath
To find grace and happiness

With words
Shall we project deep imageries
Founded on the pillar of love
That shall remain eternally

For our children,
Shall we build a better tomorrow
Devoid of violence
But filled with total bliss


Give me pen and ink
Not nuclear weapon
Let me rewrite our future
Devoid of fracture
The tormenting wars.

Tell the doves,
To sprinkle love over us
Tell the birds to chirp high
While we listen to the chimes
And dance to the melodies of love

The time we march
With vigour and valour
Not to flood the soil with blood
But plant the seeds of love
Deep down the heart of very soul

Summon the country crier
To convey this message
Of unity to the world
Preach the word,
Like the Quran, Bible and Torah.

But in the end, we shall smile,
So that our worries may die
And we shall forever sing these songs
Of love, harmony, unity in diversity.

The while learn to love
And the black to do likewise
Without lota of hatred
For other races......


It is time - I hear trumpet call
A new dawn has dawned
Let's smell the sweet fragrance of peace While dining on the table of humanity.

It is time we kiss the breeze of unity
And light up every corner with love

It is time to stitch our differences
While joining hands to stand firm
Without differences and misunderstanding

Let our covenant with God
Be renewed, protecting earth
With our might.

It is time
To redefine love objectively
Lest, it shall forever remain in dictionaries
-Abstract butt not real


From the heart of the Savannah, Zakaria Abdul-Hakim popularly known as Abdul Hakim Genius was born and bred in Tamale – Northern Ghana. His literary works are inspired by great sages of the village hut, from whom he believes his muse flow. He calls himself linguist to the ancestors; sweeper of the village hut and poet from the savannah. He writes to awaken spirit of Africa’s heritage, educate, motivate, inspire and give hope to people. He is both locally and internationally featured in anthologies.

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