At the crossing of rivers intertwining 
scarves, people migrate and birds 
camels, elephants and jute sacks. 
Under harsh shadow of torn skies 
in baskets women carry 
the cries of fathers and knives
in the eyes of children. Replicating
traces of love in a different horizon 
on the route of far away delusions. 
History is a meandering vein, digging  
craters on the face. An offering 
of lotus flowers to extinguish the mark 
of angular horror, and we harvest dreams
poured on sand. A wrinkle in the wind
leaves no trace.

In the Absence - a Boat named Hope 

No moon tonight. The voracious belly 
of the sea nurses on dreams 
and meat. A boat forgiven
is tainted by shadows 
while furrowing the waters. 
The promised destiny is distant. 
A woman's face is suspended 
in the absence. Behind 
the taste of home and native land. 
Disdainful beaches 


Rock-a-bye baby my cinnamon girl
it tinkles in silver your smile of milk. 
Swing, my little on the seesaw 
and gather the infinite plan of the game. 

The hour thickens it stretches its hand. 
The name crumbles. The rope breaks. 
You are the queen bride. You are a child bride 
my green almond covered with gold. 
Agonizing the violin - it screeches
it harvests the silence. 

Wake up, wind bending the reeds 
unchain a storm of sand and of ice. 
Grab her, wind filling the spikes 
let her not feel, let it be light. 
Dissolve her, wind spreading the seeds 
take her off flying in sunny fields 
of wheat that is golden of stars and of flakes. 

Open the doors tear up my womb 
the night is red destroyed, amphisbena. 
Open the doors and pour in the honey 
her name is written in spices. 
Open the doors and give her dolls.

Open the doors tear up my belly. 
Open the doors. 
Open the doors.

Born in Cassino, Lucilla Trapazzo lives in Zurich.  After a degree in German literature at “La Sapienza” University in Rome, a MA in Film & Video at the “American University” of Washington, D.C., and a continuing education in art and theater, she works as actress, critic, and translator. Her activities range among poetry (recipient of different prizes, publications in International anthologies and art books, and Festivals), theater (teaching workshops, directing, acting), video-installations, and literary critiques. In her works she longs for a synthesis of all the different artistic languages. Her works have been shown at several International exhibitions and festivals.

Poetry Books:

“Ossidiana” – September 2018, Volturnia Edizioni, Isernia, Italy.

“Dei Piccoli Mondi” – April 2019, Il Leggio Edizioni

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