Nearby the poppies
Anxious to open their core
Suddenly they blush
16.5. 2020

Woodpecker´s delight
Beetles sing: Here comes the sun
There, out in the sticks
3.9. 2020

A murder of crows
On parade at the skyline
Must be Mardi Gras
16.2. 2021

Austrian, born in Lower Austria, Reinhold Stipsits spent most of his academic career as professor for social pedagogics at the University of Vienna. He was Visiting Scholar at the University of Texas in Austin, served as a reviewer of study programs in Lithuania, Croatia, Bosnia.

He was fortunate to meet and work with distinguished people in the field of psychology such as Douglas A. Land, Carl R. Rogers and John M. Shlien.

As author and as a person-centered psychotherapist he is committed to trust the process. Therein he considers himself as a tour guide into the amusement park of life. He pursues a goal to share experiences and encounters in all kind of habitat. He writes poetry, mainly haiku, short stories and semi-fictional reportages.

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