The great conqueror,
And the great divider
Dispersing power while dispersing nations 
Like a displaced union, at peace, but at war

The great construct of man
A great myth that we follow like sheep
And praised like a deity
It scatters the masses 
Using sun and moon to exhibit its grip on the world
To be worshipped, it is fierce
And to stay sacred, it punishes those who don’t abide by its laws

A species where the powerful are thick,
And the poor suffer at their hands
Controlled by the myth of night and day,
Abiding by the flaws of a social construct

Sean Fredrick Ragoi is an upcoming poet and author who is in love with the idea of poetry. Sean views poetry as an escape from reality, and a way to describe the indescribable. The ability to turn emotion into words is what beckoned Sean into writing. His love for the arts has been present for as long as he can remember, which is a short time considering he is 15 years old. The arts are Sean’s way of express what can’t be put into words. Sean sees poetry as a powerful and indestructible force that needs to be tapped into.


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