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An Internet-based Writers’ Center, archiving theme-based Digital Poetry Anthologies and  Profiling Iconic Poets, Legendary Writers ,  Acclaimed Artists ,hosts and publishes WordCity Monthly(an International acclaimed , a multi-genre monthly, publishing flash fiction, poetry, short fiction, folktales, book reviews, interviews, literary arts news and global opportunities. This  project is founded on the values of promoting  writing, diversity, dialogue, literary arts exchange and global tolerance. It is curated and edited  by the highly versatile and profoundly spirited storytelling revolutionary, Commonwealth Prize nominated Canadian author Darcie Friesen Hossack TIME OF POET REPUBLIC was founded by UNESCO-RILA Affiliate ARTIST. Freedom of Speech Fellow PEN-Zentrum Deutschland, 2019 African Fellow (ihraf.org/international-fellows) .  Poet in Residence ,Fictional Cafe (2020) Resident Coordinator,All Africa Poetry Symposium (2020,100tpc.org).  Sotambe Festival WordFringe Curator(2019). 2003 Young Writers Delegate of 100 Best Books of Africa to Goteborg Book Fair,Sweden  .September 2020 University of Glasgow Creative Writing Programme Guest Poet/Discussant . Author of  LETTER to the President(2019)  and acclaimed Literary Arts Activism  Projects Diplomatie, Mbizo CHIRASHA.

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WordCity Monthly – a Multi-Genre Monthly publishing short fiction, poetry, folktales, book reviews, interviews, literary arts news and global opportunities. This  project is founded on the values of promoting  writing diversity, dialogue, literary arts exchange and global tolerance. It is curated and edited  by the highly versatile and profoundly spirited storytelling revolutionary , Commonweath Prize-nominated Canadian Writer Darcie Friesen Hossack.

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GLOBAL ANTHOLOGY SERIES – a global poetry call platform that has matured from being a single profile blog article into a globally acclaimed theme-based anthology series with the latest  SECOND NAME OF EARTH IS PEACE. Usually these are collected poems from Time of the poet profiles and other projects, published three times a year.

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ARTIST IN RESIDENCE – Annual Invitation to an International Artist                         

             by TIME OF POET Curator

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REBECCA ROBINSON is the Artist in Residence for the next year, from May 2020 to May 2021. This special announcement is rooted upon principles of creativity, exclusivity, exclusivity and diversity. Rebecca Robinson is a Featured Artist (The Arts Council of Indianapolis – Keep Indianapolis Beautiful Art Intervention Project). Featured Artist (The Arts Council of Indianapolis HIGH ART/BILLBOARD PROJECT 2019-2020). Artwork (“Ambivalent” – At The Chicago Museum of Science & Industry Jan/Feb 2020). Producer (The award-winning film The Color of Medicine Documentary). Featured Artist (National Endowment of The Arts). Her role  is to provide visual artistic influence to TIME OF THE  POET projects. Currently, the Artist in Residence provide covers for Brave Voices Poetry Journal.

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FREEDOM Voices Prize was  established  in August 2019  and recognize literary arts combatants around the world . It began as a poetry only contest and starting in October 2020, will include short story, flash fiction, hybrid mix, poetry and memoir. Canadian Storyteller, Writer and Literary Curator  Darcie Friesen Hossack takes over the Coordination of the global writers prize, bringing energy, creativity and literary flare.

The Prize seeks to promote  Tolerance, Human rights, Freedom of Expression and Creative Resilience among peoples of the world through resilience poetry and literary works by writers /poets of all ages in Africa and beyond

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PEOPLE – The  Republic Team includes  Darcie Friesen Hossack, Nancy Ndeke, Sylvia Petter,  Mbizo CHIRASHA.

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       ASSOCIATE  EDITOR  – Darcie Friesen Hossack

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The  new Associate Editor brings  in a wealth of ideas, creativity, organizational energy and  literary arts  prowess. Darcie Friesen Hossack oversees, engineers, edits and curates WordCity Monthly (our newest TIME OF THE POET REPUBLIC monthly project). Hossack also becomes the new Project Manager of  the FREEDOM Voices PRIZE, and the 2020 installment will feature all literary genresProlific  Storyteller and dedicated Literary Arts Curator, Darcie Friesen Hossack also acts the Projects Advisor to the TIME OF THE POET REPUBLIC Founder and Chief Editor. In July 2020 Darcie Friesen Hossack proved beyond measure that she  is a capable Literary Arts Projects Curator, successfully coordinating the TIME OF THE POET REPUBLIC Canada  Collaborative gig (https://miombopublishing.wordpress.com/2020/07/27/3656/). Darcie Friesen Hossack is the Danuta Gleed runner-up and Commonwealth Prize shortlisted author of Mennonites Don’t Dance stories  (Thistledown Press) and forthcoming novel, What Looks In. She’s a food writer, a photographer, and lives in the Canadian Rocky Mountains with her husband, an international award-winning chef. Sign up for food blogs with recipes at https://stonepeakprovisions.com/

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Mbizo CHIRASHA, UNESCO-RILA Affiliate Artist. Freedom of Speech Fellow to PEN- Zentrum  Deutschland, Germany. Alumni of the International Human Rights Arts Festival in New-York, USA. Literary Arts Activism Diplomatie. Globally Certified Arts Mediums Curator and Influencer. Internationally Published Page and Spoken Word Poet. Writer in Residence.  Arts for Human Rights Catalyst. Core Team Member of the Bezine Arts and Humanities Project. His illustrious poetry, hybrid writings, political commentary, short fiction, book reviews and Arts Features are published in more than 400 spaces, notably the Monk  Arts and Soul in  Magazine in the United Kingdom, Atunis Poetry.com in Belgium, Demer press poetry series in Netherlands, World Poetry Almanac in Mongolia, Poesia journal in Slovenia, Bezine Arts and Humanities Webzine in USA, The Poet a Day in Brooklyn, USA, Litnet Writers Journal in South Africa, African Crayons in Nigeria, Poetry Bulawayo in Zimbabwe, Pulp-pit USA, The FictionalCafe international Journal, Texas USA, Best New African Poetry series in Zimbabwe, Zimbolicious Poetry Collections in Zimbabwe. Mbizo co-edited Street Voices International Publications with Andreas Weiland  in Germany, co-Edited Silent Voices Anthology, a Tribute to Chinua Achebe, co-Edited the Corpses of Unity, solidarity collection to victimized Cameroonians with Nsah Mala. Curated and Edited the Zimbabwe We Want Poetry, Inside Digraceland speaking poetic truth to the Mugabe regime and other bad regimes. He owns the Time of  the Poet blog zine, MIOMBOPUBLISHING that published the #GlobalCallforPeaceProject titled the Second of EARTH is Peace. A LETTER to the PRESIDENT his experimental resistance poetry colection was released  in August 2019 by Mwanaka and Media Publishing. Co- Authored Whispering Woes of Ganges and Zambezi with Sweta Vikram in India. Good Morning President his first poetry collection was published in 2011 by Zimbabwean published based in United Kingdom, Diaspora Publishers. COVID 19 Satansdeadly fart is forthcoming. Chirasha is  Founder and the Chief Editor of Brave Voices Poetry Journal https://bravevoicespress.home.blog/ and WOMAWORDS LITERARY PRESS https://womawordsliterarypress.home.blog/

MORE INFORMATION visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mbizo_Chirasha


bookcase by @DarcieFriesenHossack

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EMAIL CONTACT –miombopublishing@gmail.com

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