Chronicler Gail Newman   pens her memories of Polish holocaust through Poetry.

It is bravery, deep belly- pit emotional recollection, real creative wit and spiritual consciousness that makes Gail Newman   a distinguished poet. Newman is a chronicler   of lives survived under the rough spike of war; lives lived under the cruel hard knuckle of death.  Her poetry is succulent with hard truth. The verses tremble with confessional vibe.  Reason within the marrow of each verse is heart blazing and the emotional carried within is blood chilling.  Gail Newman is an extraordinary poet, a merchant of truth and a survivor of the most vicious holocaust. Her poetry speaks to the bones of causalities of the deadly holocaust, to the spirits of her people roaming in the cemeteries, her poetry speaks to the soil of her motherland, the soil today that heave with grief of her sisters and brothers burnt to cinder by the devilish fires of darkness.  Legendary literary combatant Newman chronicles heart rending memories and soul pricking poetic hymns in her latest poetry collection Blood Memory. The TIME OF THE POET REPUBLIC   is profoundly registering gratitude to the prolific Poet, Acclaimed Writer and Accomplished chronicler Gail Newman- (Blurb by Mbizo CHIRASHA)    

INSIDE the Cafe with Prof DEWITT CLINTON, Acclaimed Poet of our Times.

Today at TIME OF THE POET Republic we celebrate poetry with prolific Poet, Professor DEWITT CLINTON. A great man of letters, distinguished literary arts doyen. Iconic and Acclaimed Poet.  Professor Emeritus and dynamic wordsmith. Time of the Poet is greatly humbled to feature this versatile and vibrant. Man of Letters whose merits are beyond common reach.  PROLIFIC.  Professor Clinton's poetry is weaved with great tact, requisite zeal coupled with verbal dexterity and artistic prowess. The verses are turgid with reason while the rhythm is nothing less than captivating. His writers’ profile is elephantine, he swigged Canterbury tales to the dregs, dinned Shakespearean sonnets, munched the Metaphysics chocolates and the refreshing beverage is Paradise Lost and Langston Hughes protest becomes his dessert.  ICONIC. Thank you greatly Distinguished Professor for affording us this literary platinum opportunity to the poetic wine from your wonder palm wine tree of artistic stardom. Let me hasten to note that this set of poems  were previously published by Be-zine , Arts and Humanities as founded by our Poetry Tigress G JAMIE DEDES and Co- Edited by our Poetry Chef MICHAEL DICKEL during  a collaborative April month  gig. SALUTATIONS. by our  Together We Rise – Blurb by TIME OF THE POET Curator, Mbizo CHIRASHA.

TIME OF THE POET:Second Name of Earth is PEACE.

  MOTHER EARTH is broken from  incessant  decadent wars carelessly perpetuated by mindless ,vicious political imbeciles. Our natural wealth  plundered  by  greedy ,gluttonous   economic dare-devils, imbibing  crude oil and fresh blood .   Warlord-ism set the suns of our freedom, our earth is torn naked   . War is ravaging the beauty of African diamond fields ,We … Continue reading TIME OF THE POET:Second Name of Earth is PEACE.

MOZA IS OUR COUNTRY :Brave Voices Poetry Journal 64.

MOZA IS OUR COUNTRY : 2019 arrived with omens of bad luck of death, hunger and disease. Maybe Gods are angry or bad devils are at it again. The wings of Cyclone Idai, Satan’s angel washed away the soul, breath and glint of Moza. Moza twice died and was raised by our Gods of resilience. Today we are warming the heart of Moza with metaphors of hope and we also mourn the loss of those buried in unmarked cemeteries of IDAI and KENNETH. We write these messages to massage the bruised confidence of Moza and with the hope that Moza will rise again from cinders of despair. We are African griots grieving with you Comrade Moza in this moment of forced silence and we shall dance alongside at sun rise. We say to the people of Mozambique Together We Rise. To those souls and spirits wiped away by the devils wing, we say Rest in Peace and we implore the Gods to calm your anguished spirits. ALUTA CONTINUA, land of the brave. From Tete to Sofala, Maputo to Beira, Chimoio to Manica, Nampula to Gorongoza. We say MOZA is our country .ALUTA


 SANAZ DAVOOD ZADEH FARS poems are stubbed like half pulled rizzla rolled weed. Her poetry is rebellious with traces of protest and resistance .Her verses are grenades laced with golden showers (flowers). Her ironic lines carry emotion and the satire is succulent with tears of a patriot whose conscience is burnt or roughened by war , … Continue reading SANAZ DAVOOD ZADEH FARS IRANIAN POET OF PROTEST


TIME OF  THE  POET -Anna Maria Dall’Olio‘s writings are sweet and mature like old wine in old wine skin. I think we are free to use biblical allusions where they deserve. Maria is a sculptor of short imagery and that qualifies her as a word economist most of such are great poets andwe all know … Continue reading Anna Maria Dall’Olio ITALIAN PEOPLE’S POET


  MIOMBO  BLURB -JAMES COBURN After chewing your verses. I found your poetry African in its rhythm and taste. Maybe you can start tracing your roots to African meadows, Nyiragongo Mountains, Nyamulagra valleys and the Rift Valley. Maybe you are a descendant of Black African genealogy tanned to English or American white by the ash … Continue reading THE AFRICAN GRIOT IN OKLAHOMA is JAMES COBURN.


MIOMBO REVIEW   - DANCE OF DAWN, a scintillating collection of poetry by a Nigerian Abuja born, rising African poetry princes STAR OKPEH is an African story is packed in a sardined style , the maturity of the metaphor is stunning and it ripples the readers blood like a rushed gust of wind .Okpeh’s diction is economized … Continue reading PRINCESS OF AFRICAN POETRY’s DANCE OF DAWN

STAR OKPEH , Nigeria’s Rising Princess of Verse.

MIOMBO- Good morning Lagos . Good Morning Abuja . Good Morning Soyinka . Good morning Adichie . Good morning Nigeria .Nigeria your other name is POETRY. Last night I received a pouch full of kolanut :Poetry. STAR OKPEH is a Young Nigeria Poet of class. She writes precise though skin peeling and mind boggling verse. Nigeria I say to … Continue reading STAR OKPEH , Nigeria’s Rising Princess of Verse.


The  Book café  in Harare  used  to  be  the  only  platform and  space  that   developed , exposed  and  promoted  literary  arts  projects  in Zimbabwe   .It   had  become  a   household   arts  venue   under  the  curatorship  of highly talented and creative the late   Paul Brickhill  (may  his  soul  rest  in eternal peace). The  book café   organised  and  … Continue reading POETRY IS THE LANGUAGE OF LIFE by Mbizo Chirasha.