Prolific Poet Sungrye Han , dexterity is carved onto your DNA like a radio antennae .

Your verses are fulfilling and delicious. They taste as the dish of fried potato with wood fire grilled village groomed road runner (chicken). The dexterity exhibited in all areas of content and form is blood rippling. Sungrye Han, you captured variegated facets of life with the diligent eye of a sharp cinematographer. As, I grazed through your poems, I saw walking shadows of humanity dead and living. I passed through mist -clad red hills of home, and watched life -hardened mothers chirruping cheap gossip along their rain- beaten countryside roads to their usual water-wells. I read life through golden but ragged garments of paradox. I sang along the tenor of whistling mountain gusts and danced to the fervent sopranos of birds. Such is real poetry. Real poetry rattles the marrow and real poetry chills or warms the spine. Your literary prowess is unwatchable. TIME OF POET REPUBLIC profiles excellence, dexterity and prowess in the personality of Legendary Korean Writer and Distinguished Scholar Professor Sungrye Han. Let me also thank Jaehyung Park for translating this submission from Korean into English. Aluta Continua- (Blurb by Mbizo CHIRASHA).