Violeta Boncheva ,Your Satire is deep, yet soft  like mountain drizzle.

TIME  OF THE POET REPUBLIC is  fast  becoming  a hot -spring of global talents. A    sizzling pot  of brimming  literary arts  stews and a gourd filled  poetry beverages . The art of poesy becomes our  healing  therapy as the entire earth  is writhing  in the agony of loss , death  , grief and pain under the oppressive  yoke  of COVID-19 . Groaning under  bondage of severe  mass black funerals experienced  in most  of  places of our wretched earth. We chant  in defiance , #BLACKLIVESMATTER. ENOUGH !. Last night  I met legendary writer , a multi-award wining poet, iconic literary arts figure  and a very important wordsmith  , Bulgarian Arts Luminary ,VIOLETA BONCHEVA.  Her words blaze the soul  like a  refined morning breeze . Her poetry  chills down fever  clutched souls  and as well  cools down naivety gripped hearts .The lines  softly  thrash on reader  like the serene  mountain drizzle , remember the  relief rainfall. Poetry heals.  BONCHEVA writes  simple but rhythm -packed   verses, yet  turgid with hope , promise , demise and pondering . Paradox.  She captures nature and natural beings in her poetry  like  photo-camera  clucking ,clicking  and clocking fame fervent  lives into its  insatiable film belly .  The imagery in here is historic and it  is the watermark of her poesy. VIOLETA is one doyen  literary arts culture ICON  to be featured on this grand  Poetry Art and  Internet based thicket . Legendary Artist   VIOLETA BONCHEVA was born  and bred  in Eastern European country , Bulgaria . She  is  a widely published  Author , Acclaimed Thespian and an Accomplished Poet. We all know that the sun rises from the East .And the eastern horizons are both spiritual and biblical. Art cannot be separated from spiritual consciousness .  BONCHEVA writes in her Bulgarian mother tongue . Her submissions  in the grandiose profile article are  translated  into English by  our one of great literary arts associates  Poet , educationist and Artist  MIROSLAVA PANAYOTOVA. Thumbs up to you again great Panayotova for introducing to  us  Legendary VIOLETA BONCHEVA. Our principles  remain those of  Diversity , Exclusivity and Creativity . Today  ,we  once again celebrate  Dexterity , prowess and excellence . We are gratified  and profoundly sincere  as we feature Iconic playwright , international renowned Writer, Resilient  Theatre Arts Curator ,Distinguished Scholar and Acclaimed poet  VIOLETA BONCHEVA.Salutations -( Blurb by Mbizo CHIRASHA).