INSIDE THE ART CAFE with Legendary Artist Antje Stehn.

Three years ago I met Ana Pedroso, a Cuban poet who lives in Milan. She worked in the association Poetry is my passion which organizes events with the international artist community in Milan. Straight away we found out, that we were a perfect mixture of working-mentality, she has the Latin spontaneity and I have the German organization. In these three years we have organized more than 50 events in different places in Milan. We brought poetry to strange places like Jazz clubs, fashion fairs, in the courtyards, on the street. The aim is to bring poetry to people who normally don’t listen to poetry. We now are 5 In our team, Betty Gilmore , an afro -american blues poet singer, Rufin Doh a poet, and famous actor from Ivory Coast, Meisam Seraj from Iran, Ana Pedroso from Cuba and me the only European.

The World Museum of Poetry , the Piccolo Museo della Poesia Chiesa di San Cristoforo was recently launched in Piacenza,Italy.

The small Museum exists since 2014 thanks to the courage and determination of Massimo Silvotti, writer, poet, artist, philosopher: “ The contamination between the arts is very fascinating, it is no coincidence that we are also an exhibition space and often in our events we created a mixture of music, theater, cinema, dance and more. The Museum's mission is not exclusively conservative, on the contrary, we want to bring poetry back to the squares, to the people, so that they can re-appropriate it. Aim is to be the center of innovation and experimentation in arts; interacting with the smartest intelligences of the contemporary art world on international level and create a continuous laboratory for communication . Out in the center of the museum a work by the artist Antje Stehn, a monumental dress made of feathers (Xiao Bing's dress, homage to Pippa Bacca)which stands for the union between classical and contemporary art.


CAROLYNE M.ACEN is a rising and prolific verses carver, literalist and spoken word artist. When you read through her lines you easily can easily fall from metaphorical seizures and allegoric epilepsy .Her poetry is heart throbbing and brain thumping . You need to armor yourself with poetry combat as you get trapped in the spiritual realms of poetic gods or goddesses . I want to say Acen’s verses flow rapidly like gushing river. Blood rippling. Heart ripping. Acen is surely an Afro-Floetic Queen. Uganda you birthed a Poetic Queen. Makerere here is a new petal of Ugandan literary revolution. For submissions ,more information and creative vibes contact the Curator/Editor MBIZO CHIRASHA at,


GENE BERRY is a multi –talented literist , poet of distinction and distinguished Arts Therapist from Ireland .He is a renowned literary arts teacher ,Page and Spoken word expert and has graced numerous literature ,poetry and book festivals across the world . MiomboPublishing is excited because the Icon Berry becomes the first Irish to be featured in this blog journal since its inception. So this is a special feature for a special literary legendary Gene Berry. His bio summary speaks volumes about his literary endeavors and prowess throughout the years. Gene Berry is a master in using art as a form of therapy, humanity and healing and he has been using poetry as a medium of therapy among other projects. Alta Continua.


DICTATOR’S SONS - Milking the state until udders bleed. Black market moguls farting wind of rich diamond ore. Fat cats belching out ethanol and malt whisky. Political siblings singing faking new revolutionary gospel. Dictator’s sons took after their autocratic demigod. Frying corruption frikadels in shame sodden parliament chambers. Swigging extorted coffee on nepotistic wet cabinet … Continue reading Journal 52:DICTATOR’S SONS

Gallerie an International Art Magazine braces for a Zimbabwean Edition by Mbizo Chirasha.

This  International  Art magazine   is  coming  to Madzimbabwe to   foster  artistic  integration , creative  exposure  and cultural arts  diplomacy. Despite  economic turmoil and political decadence, Zimbabwe  remains  a haven of  creative  genius  and destination of artistic greatness and  literary  prowess.Bina  Sarkar Ellias the  founder   and  the  editor  of this   reputable  publication  is bravely bracing for … Continue reading Gallerie an International Art Magazine braces for a Zimbabwean Edition by Mbizo Chirasha.