Time of the Poet with Legendary Poet Alan Britt.

ALAN BRITT has been nominated for the 2021 International Janus Pannonius Prize awarded by the Hungarian Centre of PEN International for excellence in poetry from any part of the world. Previous nominated recipients include Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Charles Bernstein and Yves Bonnefoy. Preferring to "lean and loafe at his ease," he is troubled by the corruption and ambivalence that permeates the Great Experiment, so politically speaking he has started the Commonsense Party, which ironically to some sounds radical. He believes the US should stop invading other countries to relieve them of their natural resources including tin, copper, bananas, diamonds, and oil, also that it’s time to eliminate corporate entitlements and reduce military spending in order to properly educate its citizenry, thereby reducing crime and strengthening the populace in the manner that the Constitution envisioned. He is quite fond of animals both wild and domestic and supports prosecuting animal abusers. As a member of PETA, he is disgusted by factory farming and decorative fur. A graduate of the Johns Hopkins Writing Seminars he now teaches English/Creative Writing at Towson University. 

INSIDE the Cafe with Prof DEWITT CLINTON, Acclaimed Poet of our Times.

Today at TIME OF THE POET Republic we celebrate poetry with prolific Poet, Professor DEWITT CLINTON. A great man of letters, distinguished literary arts doyen. Iconic and Acclaimed Poet.  Professor Emeritus and dynamic wordsmith. Time of the Poet is greatly humbled to feature this versatile and vibrant. Man of Letters whose merits are beyond common reach.  PROLIFIC.  Professor Clinton's poetry is weaved with great tact, requisite zeal coupled with verbal dexterity and artistic prowess. The verses are turgid with reason while the rhythm is nothing less than captivating. His writers’ profile is elephantine, he swigged Canterbury tales to the dregs, dinned Shakespearean sonnets, munched the Metaphysics chocolates and the refreshing beverage is Paradise Lost and Langston Hughes protest becomes his dessert.  ICONIC. Thank you greatly Distinguished Professor for affording us this literary platinum opportunity to the poetic wine from your wonder palm wine tree of artistic stardom. Let me hasten to note that this set of poems  were previously published by Be-zine , Arts and Humanities as founded by our Poetry Tigress G JAMIE DEDES and Co- Edited by our Poetry Chef MICHAEL DICKEL during  a collaborative April month  gig. SALUTATIONS. by our  Together We Rise – Blurb by TIME OF THE POET Curator, Mbizo CHIRASHA.


CAROLYNE M.ACEN is a rising and prolific verses carver, literalist and spoken word artist. When you read through her lines you easily can easily fall from metaphorical seizures and allegoric epilepsy .Her poetry is heart throbbing and brain thumping . You need to armor yourself with poetry combat as you get trapped in the spiritual realms of poetic gods or goddesses . I want to say Acen’s verses flow rapidly like gushing river. Blood rippling. Heart ripping. Acen is surely an Afro-Floetic Queen. Uganda you birthed a Poetic Queen. Makerere here is a new petal of Ugandan literary revolution. For submissions ,more information and creative vibes contact the Curator/Editor MBIZO CHIRASHA at miombopublishing@gmail.com,

Gallerie an International Art Magazine braces for a Zimbabwean Edition by Mbizo Chirasha.

This  International  Art magazine   is  coming  to Madzimbabwe to   foster  artistic  integration , creative  exposure  and cultural arts  diplomacy. Despite  economic turmoil and political decadence, Zimbabwe  remains  a haven of  creative  genius  and destination of artistic greatness and  literary  prowess.Bina  Sarkar Ellias the  founder   and  the  editor  of this   reputable  publication  is bravely bracing for … Continue reading Gallerie an International Art Magazine braces for a Zimbabwean Edition by Mbizo Chirasha.