Hallowed ArtiVist Jambiya Kai walks into January with a Poetic Swag

JAMBIYA KAI is an undeletable and powerful South African Voice. Her diligently woven multi-genre/hybrid writings are unmatchable . Her poetry is marrow-tight revolutionary. Short stories are broken denims of sisal and torn cotton garments artistically knitted together to evoke our psychical pots with that rarity of mind-storming suspense and heart-stroking imagination. Jambiya writes hybrid essays that are tucked in straight uniforms of naked truth . Her metaphors rebukes political thuggery , economic thievery , social rot and moral decadence . Bullets from her pen slice open corrupt double-bellies of injustice and tyranny-busting saliva of her ink strangle to death devil-angels of dictatorship in Africa and abroad . Her poetry is life , tolerance and freedom, rot , decay , scars rolled in paradoxical imboza. In this mind -jamming instalment , TIME OF THE POET REPUBLIC feature an amazing set of poems by a long serving , resilient member , literary arts revolutionary and revered of the land JAMBIYA KAI . Happy 2021. Together We Rise -( Blurb by Mbizo CHIRASHA) .

Meet Judging Panel of the 2019 Freedom Voices Poetry Prize

 Brave Voices Poetry Journal 67: Paying Tribute to Unique Heroes and Heroines and their Uniqueness
An Ode for Cadres of resistance ( Human Rights , anti-imperialistic , antiapartheid , freedom of expression , fight for political justice , right to economic justice and right to social inclusion)
Ken Saro Wiwa for movement for the survival of Ogoni people ( Nigeria)
Dedan Kimathi (Kenyan liberation struggle)
Steve Biko (fighting inequalities in South African apartheid)
Lookout Masuku (fighting for political justice in Zimbabwe)
Charles Dambudzo Marechera (PenSlinger of Truth in Zimbabwe)
Ambuya Nehanda (medium spirit of Chimurenga (war of liberation) in Zimbabwe)
Ruth First (South African fighter for civil rights)
Winnie Madikizela Mandela (Fighter for political and economic rights in South Africa)
Itai Dzamara ( fighter for human rights and freedom of expression in Zimbabwe)
Freedom Nyamubaya( gunslinger during war of liberation ,poet against dictatorship regime in Zimbabwe).