Protest Poet James Coburn speaks hard truth to power .

James Coburn masters the art of storytelling through verse. His poems bleach the racial misery clutching the land of promise, America. The protest poet treads on unusually ironical and paradoxical tarmacs, he vehemently interrogates the matters of black lives and questions the brutal violence against the black race through resistance poetry. The revolutionary verse-slinger rises beyond the usual and obvious as he puts American dictatorship at task against the background of the wantonly racial killings, with the cold-blooded demise of George Floyd, a callous act that received condemnation and demnation from the everything that breathes on earth. James Coburn speaks sand paper hard truth to power, charlatans and zealots have since become wolves and hyenas in broad light. The consciousness packed poetry is a biblical revelation and re- awakening tutelage to the grief laden and COVID 19 diseased earth gripped by hate, terrorism and racial violence. TIME OF THE POET REPUBLIC is delighted to profile, publish and feature the master of protest and resistance poetry James Coburn. - (Blurb by Mbizo CHIRASHA).


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