Memoir by Jessica Penner, WordCity Monthly Nov2020 Issue3

Jessica Penner   Waiting July 2017 It is hour 30 of a 48-hour ambulatory EEG. The sun has unveiled herself after a brief flash of rain, and the few birds that I can hear over Fordham Road’s late-afternoon cacophony of horns and sirens are madly chirping. Seated on my red velvet futon, surrounded by dejected … Continue reading Memoir by Jessica Penner, WordCity Monthly Nov2020 Issue3

Memoir by Franca Mancinelli, translated by John Taylor in WordCity Monthly Nov2020 Issue3

Franca Mancinelli, translated by John Taylor Piazza XX Settembre — Fano: Following the Ammonites   This space that I see slowly opening up between the roofs of the houses, between walls dividing one intimacy from another, one property from another, tiny gardens from the concrete, takes on a definite shape with its pleasing imperfect geometry … Continue reading Memoir by Franca Mancinelli, translated by John Taylor in WordCity Monthly Nov2020 Issue3

Essay Examining HBO’s “Lovecraft Country” by Olga Stein, WordCity Monthly Nov2020 Issue3

  Olga Stein Lovecraft Country: Monsters in America Embarking on a review of Lovecraft Country, an HBO series currently trending on Crave, is, I suspect, either like coming to a celebration late, having missed all of the excellent tributes, or it’s like arriving in time to hear a great keynote speech and realizing that something … Continue reading Essay Examining HBO’s “Lovecraft Country” by Olga Stein, WordCity Monthly Nov2020 Issue3

Twitter Thread on the American Election by Patrick Gathara, WordCity Monthly Nov2020 Issue3

Thanks to Dr. Alexandra Guerson from the University of Toronto who directed me to this “brilliant thread by a Kenyan journalist, @gathara, covering the American elections using the same language American media uses to cover elections in African countries”. ~ Sylvia Petter, Contributing Editor of Fiction (and satire), WordCity Monthly Patrick Gathara Twitter thread by … Continue reading Twitter Thread on the American Election by Patrick Gathara, WordCity Monthly Nov2020 Issue3

A Tribute to WordCity by Nancy Ndeke

An idea whose time has come, like a full term pregnancy must birth. Word is as alive as life is. Word is a force and carries a moment often beyond itself. It consolidates thoughts and makes a presentation like a well choreographed musical where the instruments and instrumentalists become a unified rhythm of sounds and … Continue reading A Tribute to WordCity by Nancy Ndeke

Italian born , Belfast based Poet Viviana Fiorentino has mastered the art of literary activism .

Viviana Fiorentino is a versatile migrant literary bird born and bred in Italy and now living in Belfast, Ireland . The griot in Fiorentino has mastered the art of word activism. He subject lines are deep with both sense of belonging and miseries related to nostalgia. Her rhythm packed and lyrically correct versifications are tensely confessional. Confessional poetry is the usual soul food to the audience and is closely linked to psychical and spiritual matters, something to do with memories, experiences, identity, history, traditions, realities and complexities of life, with a clear assertion that life experiences can be both rosy and gloomy. After reading more carefully and listening attentively to her voice, you pick her love for humanity, her quest for the rain of freedom, her passion for those thrashed by lashes of poverty under the steel yoke of racial hegemony , shrieking in dust ridden hovels of stigma, choking in dungeons of rejection , those roasted in hot pans of abject sufferance by toxic politics and those with souls stewing dumping sites of moral decadence. Every verse carries rain clouds, promise, sunrays of hope and sometimes gloom, paradox raises its ugly and beautiful head in most of her versifications. This set of poems is a testament of belonging , the beauty of life, the ugliness of it thereof ,nostalgia and the love for human freedoms by the distinguished poet using artivism to for and about the plight of refugees ,exiles and other vulnerable human communities. Viviana Fiorentino is a distinguished scholar, acclaimed humanitarian, advocate for human freedoms and hallowed poet. Greetings to all Scholars, Poets and human freedoms in Italy and Belfast. Together We Rise-( Blurb by Mbizo CHIRASHA)

Prolific Rachel Blum walks onto poetry red-carpet alongside the Doctor of Flowers

Rachel Blum, your poetry tastes like plums, I enjoyed a variegated dish of oil dipped roast of reason, mouth-watering lyrical flavors, mind -charging moral consciousness and the delicacy is literary prowess. The wittingly stubbed verses are not daft or toxic like nicotine, they are a paradoxical concentrate sweetened with passion and beautifully colored with spiritual reverence. The sumptuous drumstick-thick inner- depth meaning is in sync with diligently economized verbiage. While both expression and presentation are creatively coordinated and thus automatically walks you onto the poetry hall of fame red-carpet. Your writings are a well -framed collage of images of love, nature, spirituality, consciousness and human identities. The poetry reminds humanity of woes that befall them but again massages earthly wounds that might have been perpetuated by those woes, sin and savagery. This set of poems is extracted from a Rachel Blum poetry collection, The Doctor of Flowers (3: A Taos Press). TIME OF THE POET REPUBLIC is prided in exhibiting diversity, creativity and dexterity. Distinguished Poet and Acclaimed Wordsmith Rachel Blum, welcome to our Poetry and Literary Arts Activism. I see fellow poets and poetry lovers enjoying your versifications- (Blurb by Mbizo CHIRASHA)

When Namaashoum, a Persian radio program in Ottawa meets WordCity Monthly Poets( a Press Release).

Namaashoum is Ottawa's first Persian program. We cover a vast area of ​​topics, including poetry and lierature, community events, news, music, and more. We are proud to maintain our high standard of production in promoting Persian literature and music. We believe radio broadcasting is a serious matter and we are working very hard to serve our community.WordCity Monthly, a global online journal dedicated to literary activism and promoting the written and spoken word. Word City exists under the umbrella of Mbizo' Chirashas Time of the Poet Republic. WordCity has a stable of eight Contributing Editors, from seven countries in Africa, the UK, Eastern and Western Europe and North America.

Sue Burge ,your poetry beverage tastes literary vitamin , paradox and lyrical protein.

Sue Burge, your poetry is a concoctional beverage - mix of protest , literary sanity and lyrical dexterity . Cinematographic imagery and satire -sweetened reason are rich ingredients to flavor this diligently brewed mind-drumming versification . The poetic refreshment tastes paradox as the lines are creamed by peanut -paste of praise and marmalade- jam of protest. Verses are thoroughly simple in presentation , the meaning is grindingly psychical and the reason is hard to grind . The poet is a seasoned chronicler serving her readers with bitter sweet paradoxical morning soups , throat scalding metaphoric crank, nerve- jamming and mind spinning metaphor spiced beverages. The Poet in Burge versifies boldly about daily life matters , love , anger , hope , promise ,polarity , hypocrisy ,unfairness , ignorance and savagery .Her poetry defines and describes life and all that surrounds us as humanity . TIME OF THE POET REPUBBLIC takes pride in publishing a distinguished creative writing scholar, internationally renowned poet, hallowed storyteller and literary arts projects curator Sue Burge . Together We Rise-( Blurb by Mbizo CHIRASHA)

Call for Manuscripts and Poetry for WordCity Monthly’s Special December Issue!

An invitation from WordCity Monthly's Editorial Board We're planning to publish two special holiday issues, one in December and the next in April, to celebrate world religions. Christmas and Hanukah are first on the calendar, and we welcome poetry, fiction, flash fiction, essays, memoir and book reviews that pull on the threads of both religion … Continue reading Call for Manuscripts and Poetry for WordCity Monthly’s Special December Issue!